Kindle for iPhone… I Wanted To Love It

Ever since I heard about the Kindle I was iffy about it – while I love the premise – bunches of books with you everywhere you go without actually having to carry bunches of books – I am one of those people who actually LIKES the feel of books. I like to hold books, I like cracking open a new book, the smell of books. I truly felt like reading books on a gadget would take something away from the whole experience for me.

(Plus, the Kindle price tag? That doesn’t help).

So, I was kind of curious when I saw that there is a free Kindle app for the iPhone. I “bought” it and put it on my phone, and “bought” a Kindle format book (“Little Women”, if you must know – I’ve never read it and swore I’d read it for my 101 Project). I did all this a few weeks ago.


I think I’ve read the equivalent of four pages of the book.

I hate it. Everything I thought I would not like about the Kindle is exactly what I don’t like about the Kindle app. And, yeah, I’ll leave it on my phone for those times I’m sitting somewhere and I’ve forgotten to bring a book (like almost every time I go to get an oil change for the car), but, as for actually BUYING books for it? I’m sure I’ll pass.

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  1. I’m with ya. I like to flip the pages and hold the book. Not to mention, Kindle does not fit in my budget.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree and for the very same reason. For me, reading is a tactile experience. It’s as physical as it is visual. Computers will never replace words on a printed page… except for newspapers. I read all my news on-line – so I’m a hypocrite!

  3. Kindle rocks.
    Kindle for iphone.. not so much.

    Download e-reader instead. It’s free and I love it!

    So far 6 books read on it and I’ve spent about $35 – 40 and I LOVE it. It’s easy to use, the books and pages are easy to manipulate.
    GEt it

    Love ya

    The BLOG looks fabulous!!!! YAY

  4. I'm with you on the needing to hold a book thing. I've found places on line where I can read novels, but I just can't bring myself to cuddle up with a cup of hot tea & my monitor…it's so not the same.

    But, I did read Little Women recently & loved it. After watching the movies (and I've seen 3 or 4 versions) I always felt cheated out of something intangible, but I adored the book. Now I want to read Little Men & Jo's Boys.

  5. I totally agree. I LOVE all of my books lined up on their homemade shelf (we had to build one because our bought one filled up so fast). I’ve actually blogged about how even though I have no job (therefore no money) I can’t give up buying my books… and electronic ones just don’t hold the same appeal.

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