Where’s The Discovery Channel When You Need It?

This morning, The Princess said to Hubby, “Daddy, Goldie looks like she’s getting bigger than Rainbow.” Hubs told her, “Maybe Goldie is just a bigger fish.” We were downstairs, she was upstairs – we kinda did the nod, smile, “Uh huh, yeah.”

I was tucking The Princess in tonight and she said, “See mom, Goldie looks really big.” I got up and went to the aquarium. Um. Yeah. Goldie does look big and I’m thinking to myself, “OH. MY. GOD. I really hope fish can’t be pregnant. And seriously? How do we know if we’ve got boy fish or girl fish? And, do fish… um… do a little dance, make a little love?”

I realized I remember NOTHING from what I learned in biology. So yes, I had to google, “Where do fish babies come from?”

Stop. Laughing.

Turns out, it depends. Some fish have live births, some lay eggs.

Not helpful.

Google: “Where do GOLDFISH babies come from?”

Well, they lay eggs, and you’ll know the fish is about to lay eggs because she “looks a little rounder“.


Apparently, the female fish will lay eggs and the male fish will chase ’em around and give ’em a little somethin’-somethin’. Greeeeeeeat.

So, y’all cross your fingers that there will be no fish-fornicating going on under my roof. Two fish is ENOUGH.

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  1. You may want to hire a little fish minister to do a quickie fish wedding before things get too hinky in that tank. 😉

  2. I tell ya… You think fish are gonna be harmless and then… Eggs.

    Hubby thinks we should save the eggs and sell them because hey, caviar.

  3. Hmm, sounds fishy. Sorry!! I couldn’t resist. Moo ah ha ha Obviously you forgot to have the abstinence talk with the fish! x0x0

  4. I saw you link on Blissfully Domestic. You made me laugh. Thanks!

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