Thursday Ten: Things I Learned at BlissDom Edition

1. Even though they are 100 Calorie Snacks, if you eat the WHOLE BOX, you’re looking at 1,200 calories and 60 grams of fat – SO PUT DOWN THE NUTTY BAR (Ahem).

2. As most of you who have been reading for awhile know, I love music. You know what’s even better than that? Men that make music. Even better than THAT? Adorable men that make music. Enter Chris Mann. He came to perform for us at BlissDom, and given my pre-show Twitter-stalking, I got a shout out, which was fabulous until post performance and I went to talk to him and had a Baby-in-Dirty-Dancing “I carried a watermelon” moment. I’m so completely fabulous. Gah. Anyway, he is crazy talented, funny and so sweet – and that makes him the real deal. His album will be out this summer, I’m thinking. Check him out. (Okay, turning off the “fan girl” mode).

3. Even before the whole Elevator 13 debacle (and you should read all their accounts of it, because eesh!), I learned that it was best to avoid the Hotel Preston elevators. Fortunately for me, I was on the third floor so a dash up the stairs was a speedy little event. After the sessions would empty out, huge lines would form for the TWO elevators (both of which had a sign noting a capacity of seven). Then the doors would open and people would flood into those elevators and in my head I’d be counting and wondering just how many people we were going to squeeze in there anyway?

4. I totally should go to one of those countries where there are hot foreign men who give super good hugs and a smooch on the cheek. To strangers. (Thank you, Ender Thomas).

5. That Land’s End LOVES US and wants us to not pay for shipping. Til Sunday, February 15. The PromoCode for free shipping is BLISSDOM and the PIN is 2175. They have some crazy cute butterfly pants that I can’t explain my love for, but I think I need to buy them. Be sure to show them some love because hey, FREE SHIPPING.

6. The hotel gym is empty at 4:30 in the morning.

7. Having a hotel room was pointless because I didn’t sleep very well and it basically served only as a place to shower and dump my clothes all over everything. I joked that I could trash a hotel room like Motley Crue (minus any possible illegal substances – as I consumed nothing stronger than a Blisstini and an abundance of the One2One mints). I was such a disorganized mess with my stuff that I misplaced several things (including MY BELOVED iPOD) and couldn’t find them until I got home.

8. BlissDom babies are better behaved than either one of my children ever were! (Don’t judge me, y’all).

9. There ain’t no party like a blogger party cuz a blogger party don’t stop… (What? Too much?).

10. That I will DEFINITELY be repeating this experience again next year. Fer realz (Jenny, you hear me?).

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. Robin Wilson says

    So number 9 was my favorite part of this blog… 🙂 Fo Sho

  2. Musings of a Housewife says

    Fun recap! I, too, avoided the elevators whenever they looked crowded. Walked to the 7TH floor! But hey, exercise, right? Sorry we didn’t get to meet, but I’ll def be there next year!

  3. To Think is to Create says

    Too cute, loved this recap!

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