Thursday Ten: Starbucks Twice In One Day Edition

1. Yes, I’ve been to Starbucks twice today. I went after dropping off a tantrumming Pumpkin at school this morning (Tantrumming? Is that even a word? Doubtful), and once after guitar lesson because I was STARVING. Not the best use of resources but I was craving something kinda sweet and stopping at Starbucks the second time seemed a little less damaging than the peanut butter cups I really wanted (and no, I’m not even PMS-ing, just jonesing for a little sugar).

2. This morning as I was getting the girls ready to go, it must have hit Pumpkin that she woke up at 5 a.m. and she should really start screaming. So she did. For a good twenty minutes. Heaven knows what my neighbors thought, but OH MY GOD. She screamed about what coat I put on her, about her boots, about yes she wanted to wear mittens, no she didn’t want to wear mittens, wanting cereal to eat in the car… but not that cereal. Meanwhile The Princess was rolling her eyes and saying, “THIS is why having a little sister is NOT FUN.” As The Princess got on the bus, Pumpkin (already fastened in her seat to go to school) continued screaming, so… I just turned the radio up a smidge and waited for her to chill out. She did eventually, and asked to hold my hand. And then she was fine.

3. This was not one of those days that I left daycare all mopey about leaving daycare. Somedays aren’t that way. Somedays I think it’s best for both of us to have our lives outside each other.

4. New music this week? NOT MUCH. I downloaded “Basket Case” by Green Day which is older, but I was reminded of this song at the Red Wings game last week because they played a snip of it between plays. Love this song. BUT, I need more music – please tell me what you are listening to (and loving).

5. This week in guitar lesson, I learned “Brain Stew” also by Green Day. It’s fun because they are musical idiots and it’s not that hard.

6. It’s nice that my week has mellowed out. On Tuesday, I didn’t know if I was going to make it out alive. It was so hardcore with basically every project I touched turning to complete chaos. Yesterday was a little bit better, and today? Aside from tantrums? It’s been good. WHOO!

7. Every week when I do my Thursday Ten list, I’m always kind of afraid that I’m going to inadvertantly leave a number out and y’all are going to think that I can’t count. And I CAN count. Really.

8. I should move down south somewhere that I can use the word “y’all” without people looking at me funny. I love to say “y’all”, but it’s tough to pull off in Michigan. Doesn’t stop me from tryin’.

9. Today, I took about 50 of my 365 Project pictures and had them made into a photo book on Shutterfly. Ultimately, when I’m done with the project, I’m going to make a book with ALL my pictures but I wanted to give it a whirl since they currently have a promotion going for a free book (retail of $29.99). It took me awhile to put it together, but I’m pretty excited to see the final result. I kind of juggled things around for an aesthetically pleasing format for this shortened version, but I think for the full 365 I will likely put things in chronological order, despite the flow. (overthink much?).

10. I went to a meeting at the local elementary school last night to hear about proposed budget hooey that could ultimately affect Kindergarten in Michigan. I’m pretty sure the school superintendent was hoping to get us all riled up with all this horrible-ness and stuff with the proposed change, but all I could focus on was that 1) whoever did the screen shot of the state of Michigan website and printed it out was still using Internet Explorer and still had their search for “Northwest Airlines” in the search tool bar, and where do they think they’re going anyway and 2) this guy really oversimplified some things that should not have been oversimplified… and he did it wrong. (He also talked so long I missed the first 20 minutes of American Idol, which is an issue on its own).

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    I think us Michiganders can use ya’ll whenever we need to..I threw it out as I was having it out with the kids last night “have ya’ll lost your minds” they got what I meant!

  2. I can seriously use up some time (and money) on shutterfly! Love it!

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