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Yesterday, I crossed another thing of my 101 List and went to a RedWings game. I picked the game VERRRRRY carefully, so we saw the Wings play the Colorado Avalanche. The game was amazing. Would have been even more amazing if the RedWings had won – but the final score was 6 – 5, and went to a sudden death shootout, and OH MY GOD, it doesn’t get much more exciting than an 11 goal game (well, it’d have been more exciting if Detroit had won, but that goes without saying).

As I was watching the game, I had my iPhone in my lap along with my Flip video camera and my digital camera. Between the first and second period, the woman sitting next to me commented on my “lap full of gadgets” and we got into a discussion about the iPhone and apps for the iPhone and the handiness of the Flip (so handy) and then Facebook versus Twitter (totally different, can’t really compare). Later in the game, the woman behind me noticed my phone and asked if it was an iPhone or the new touch-screen Blackberry (I drink the Apple KoolAid, no Blackberry here, sorry). Not only do my gadgets keep me in touch with the world around me, they are EXCELLENT conversation starters (though, how the convo evolved from my seatmate’s sister’s Flip to the fact that she and her hubby are trying to conceive, I’m not really sure. People just like to tell me stuff, I suppose).

This morning, my kids and I went to Target and I realized that within my purse, I had at least three techie doo-dads and was pretty much accessible to everyone in at least four different ways. And you know? To some people, that’s cringeworthy, but for me? I love it. Some women can’t live without hott jewelry and trendy accessories. Me? I’ve got that nerd streak in me that makes me LOVE gadgets. And hey, if it wasn’t for gadgets, I wouldn’t be able to have the below memory of what the Joe Louis Arena sounds like after the RedWings score ANOTHER goal (shaky footage? Yeah, I gotta work on that).

How accessible are you? How many gadgets do you tend to carry with you at most times?

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  1. I have been jonesing for an iPhone for awhile. I would love to be THAT connected 🙂

  2. Um, I don't even own a cell phone. Well, technically I have two in the kitchen drawer, but their Tracfones & they've both expired & they don't even pick up signal near us so they were a giant waste of $$.

    FarmBoy has OnStar in his truck…that he only drives to work…and I rarely call.

  3. You can call OnStar? I had no idea! I’ve actually debated the whole OnStar thing – well, I did when I had a GM vehicle. I just recently saw that they are doing a thing in Dodge/Jeep vehicles to have wifi IN.THE.CAR and I have to admit, I’m more than a little tempted.

    But, I’m also a dork.

  4. This post made me laugh, and I am so glad there are others out there like me.
    I bought myself a Flip just before Christmas when I saw them flying off the shelves at Costco. Hubby gifted me a new pocket size digital camera for Christmas, and I have my Palm Centro phone (as soon as iphone is accessible on Verizon, I’m there). These three are my constant companions!!

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