Crocs Rock

I am a very active person. In high school I was a (don’t laugh) cheerleader for three years. Three years of football and basketball season. That’s a lot of toe touch jumps and landing hard on my feet (I said I was a cheerleader – I never said I was graceful). And now, I walk and every now and then occasionally get a bug up my butt to run – but I don’t like it so I do it just enough to be all, “Hey, I ran!” but that’s it. And when you figure I average at least 15 – 20 miles per week (since I’m just a walkety-walker), that’s AT LEAST 60 miles a month. I’m not doing the math on that one, but you know, over the course of a year…It’s kind of a lot.

This is why, though I would love to be wearing THESE hott shoes:
And yeah, I immediately took off my socks (Hey, it’s FEBRUARY IN MICHIGAN), popped on my shoes and hung around awhile enjoying their comfort and cuteness. I already know I’m gonna need another fun pair. This time in a crazy eye-popping color. Oooh, or leopard print.

Thanks, Crocs – for treatin’ my feet to some super cute comfort!

Photo credit: Top two pictures courtesy of Secret Agent Mama.

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  1. I haven’t received mine yet (I ordered a pair for Henry). LOVE the ones you picked out. Enjoy!

  2. Oh lucky you! Mine haven’t arrived yet but I’ll be happy when they do!

  3. jenny from mommin' it up! says

    I haven’t gotten my new ones yet (I ordered the Sassari) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Malindis in the leopard print! RAWR! I wear them all.the.time.!!!!

  4. Very sassy, super cute!! I am one of those who didn’t think Crocs were cute either. But I didn’t know they had more than one style either, LOL.

  5. They definitely have a ton of different styles – I was pretty surprised to see their heels and boots too – very cute.

  6. THOSE are sooo cute!!!
    Love them!
    I ordered Nate a pair with them, and have yet to receive them, or confirmation 🙁

  7. Rachel, it shouldn’t take long… I’m not sure that I ever got a confirmation, but it was so crazy fast. George from Crocs said even he was impressed with how quickly they got here. I’m amazed.

  8. livelaughlove95 says

    I’m usually more of flats girl myself but I ended up ordering heels because they looked really comfy! Can’t wait to get mine!!!

    George said I couldn’t combine my two GCs and get one pair so I’m going to have to spring for those silver one myself to wear to my sister’s wedding.

  9. Oh, those silver ones were super cute!!

  10. Hey! I also chose those! I just got my Malindis in silver yesterday! Excellent style, lady!

  11. Post a picture of your silver ones, Ally! I could KICK MYSELF for not gettin’ silver. Must get more shoes.

  12. I have a broken ankle and wore a nice fashionable (not) cast to Blissdom (and to Mom 2.0 Summit this weekend too for that matter). But, anyway, when I saw that croc coupon, I got online that night and ordered mine. They came before I left for Houston and girlfriend was hot with her croc flip flop and non-fashionable cast….once again, 2 conferences down….now do I consent to the surgery or try this darn cast for another month or 2 or 5 and promise to stay off of it…I mean, if I agree to quit walking around, I can’t even sport my one cool croc… help me if I lose the other one before this over……

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