Thursday Ten: The Who Said It Was Allowed To Be This Cold? Edition

1. Oh. My. God. It was -7 this morning when I got the girls ready to get in the car to get to school. MINUS SEVEN. That wasn’t windchill. That was the straight up temperature. Too cold. This is too cold. I don’t like it and it can stop now.

2. I went shopping with my sister and her maid of honor today to pick out bridesmaid dresses. We all fell in love with the same dress, a long sleeveless jersey dress that was so comfortable it was like wearing a nightgown. In a good way. (Is there a bad way to feel like you’re wearing a nightgown? I dunno. It was comfy and will be awesome for a night on the dance floor).

3. I have a horrid, rotten, miserable cold. I can’t breathe, I’m coughing like crazy, my throat hurts, I can’t taste anything, my muscles ache, my skin HURTS. I hate being sick. I hate that Pumpkin is bringing home every preschool cootie, and I hate that I catch every preschool cootie she coughs in my face. This could be a very long winter.

4. In guitar lesson today, I started learning Fur Elise (where’s the little doohickey to put the funky whosy-whatsit’s over the u ?). I have tried four notes of it and then we ran out of time, so we’ll see if I can handle it. I look forward to being able to play it, sounding like the ice cream truck and messing my kids up.

5. The Princess finally has her VERY FIRST LOOSE TOOTH. She’s thrilled. It’s not that loose, but she can’t get her fingers off that sucker. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

6. Every time I’m sick, I think of “The Devil Wears Prada” when the chick says she’s just one stomach flu away from her goal weight. I’ve had two bites of toast with butter for dinner, and gave the rest to Pumpkin. I’m quite sure that I’m hungry on top of feeling pukey, but nothing sounds even remotely good. So, today I’m running on a bowl of cereal, two slices of toast, a latte, a bagel (in a rare moment of feelin’ good, I scarfed it down before guitar) and then two more bites of toast. Yes, I stick to carbs when I feel yucky.

7. This week, a friend of mine suggested our daughters become email penpals. And thus began The Princess getting HER VERY FIRST email address (there’s one for the memory book, right?) and she has a friend she loves to write to. It’s very cool. The downside? It takes her about thirty minutes to type two sentences.

8. Hmm. Maybe I’ll see if I can drink a Coke Zero without feeling nasty. Not that that even remotely helps the whole nourishment thing, but… (Yeah, I have no idea why I’m not drinking more water.)… maybe it will help settle my stomach. [Note: Wow. Even Coke Zero is a big loser today. UGH!]

9. Do you guys remember when I was this sick last year? Looks like I’m a little ahead of schedule this year. Poor Pumpkin has been sick too – but I don’t think she has the queasiness (because she hasn’t stopped eating in days). Her cough, though? It’s gruesome.

10. I took a break from “Catch-22” and am now reading “Lord of the Flies”. It always amazes me the sheer number of books I haven’t read. These “classics” that supposedly everyone has read – I haven’t. I’m a voracious reader – but apparently, I still have a lot of work to do.

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  1. Lord of the Flies… I still have nightmares about that one.

  2. Me too, I haven’t read any of the classics that it seems everyone else has. I just finished The Chronicles of Narnia and am just a bit upset that my Mom never read it to me. GREAT series!

  3. Minus 7 ?! Good grief !! I cannot even imagine how that would feel !!!

    UGH !

    From Sunny California (it was 75 here today), Lisa

  4. @Phyxius – Dude, why didn’t you WARN ME ABOUT THAT BOOK!?!?

    @Sarah – I really enjoyed The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The rest of ’em? I don’t remember them at all!

    @Lisa – Ohhhhh, lady. No fair!!

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