Thursday Ten: Since When Does The Word Suck Have to Be Censored?

1. For starters and in new music of the week, I heard Kelly Clarkson’s new song “My Life Would Suck Without You” – only it’s listed on iTunes as “My Life Would S**k Without You”. Which is lame. Almost as lame as the song itself which features generic lyrics and a wanna-be P!nk vibe. And not in a good way. The song? It s**ks.

2. Spent a full guitar lesson today working on “Fur Elise” (Where’s mah doohickey for the u!?). Spent the whole time talking legato versus staccato and how to “arpeggiate” as much as you can. So how is it coming along? Better than last week, for sure, but a long way to go. Actually the whole concept of “legato” (smooth, connected notes) made a lot of sense and if I can just get my brain used to thinking a few notes ahead of my fingers, I’ll be doing that much better.

3. Within thirty minutes today, I got hit with not one, but TWO donations for my Avon Two Day Walk for Breast Cancer. I’m 21% of the way for my fundraising goal – which is awesome – as y’all know, the fundraising part has been scarier to me than the walking nearly forty miles part. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

4. I remain inspired and so moved by the new President and all the festivities on Tuesday. Yesterday’s paper and its coverage of the inaugural events made me cry. I know it’s partly because I’m a mush, but partly because it’s nice to feel hope about the direction in which we’re going. Hope is good.

5. This cold has quite certainly morphed into a sinus infection and my doctor is out of the office for the next two weeks. SUPER. Here’s hoping one of the fabulous nurses will just call in antibiotics for me rather than make me come in and see the Dr. McCreepy. And I don’t want that. I’ve managed to avoid the man for a year and I don’t think it’s time to break that streak yet.

6. Daily, I am amazed by the sheer amount of paper The Princess brings home from school. I am quite certain that not all the families in our school district are as crazy about hugging their trees as ours is, but dang – at least five sheets of paper daily. Multiply that by 24 kids in her class? That’s a whole lot of paper. It frustrates me.

7. I’ve fallen out of my workout routine from being sick and it’s been a slow road trying to get back into it.

8. Watching my kids play Wii is the funniest freakin’ thing ever. The Princess makes it a full body sport. She was playing a paper airplane game in EA Playground last night. I had to video her because it was hilarious how she kept leaning and ducking as she moved the Wii-mote. Then she got irked when I laughed. It was funny. I couldn’t help it.

9. I’m still paused on reading Catch-22. Waiting to start again. That book is sitting at my desk and I swear it’s staring at me saying, “YOU WUSSBABY: JUST READ ME!!!”

10. If you have yet to weigh in on giving me recommendations for songs for my workout playlist, you should do that. Really. I have received FIFTY suggestions so far. I’ve listened to a lot of them. I’ve only outright ruled a handful out for my playlist, but the rest? Most of the rest of it is awesome.

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  1. 1)I agree – I love the word SUCKS! So anyone who disagrees can S**k It!
    2)You play guitar? I worship you.
    4)I’m still on an Obama-is-president HIGH. I cry just thinking about it.
    5)Get healthy before Blissdom!
    10)Workout playlist? Anything Britney, anything Outkast, Anything JT

  2. 1) I love the word Suck. People need to get over it. And anyone who doesn’t agree with me can S**k it.
    2) You play guitar? I worship you.
    4) I’m still on an Obama-is-President high. I cry just thinking about it.
    5) Get healthy before Blissdom!
    10) Workout playlist? Anything Britney. Anything Outkast. Anything JT.

  3. I think I just sent my comment twice. My computer did something funky, so I resent it. I’m not sure what just happened. That sucks.

  4. *snort* HA! Ali, it’s all good… You haven’t heard me play guitar yet, so you may wanna hold off on the worship – though, I’m LEARNING…

  5. The Courteous Chihuahua says

    I have to tell you, I wouldn’t let my girls use the word “sucks” because it’s use does come from s**king a d**k. It’s just been watered down so that it’s acceptable in everyday conversation. That doesn’t mean I don’t use it (or swear like a sailor), but I’m trying to teach my kids to operate at a higher level than I do. I also wouldn’t let them use “tight”. Being younger, you probably know what that’s derived from.

  6. TCC, I hadn’t even thought of the derivation of the word… I just couldn’t figure out why it’d be censored!!

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