Sunday Done Right

The days in tax season get kind of long sometimes. It’s hard to be ON all the time, and it’s lovely to have a break from the demands of life – to go out, be with a good friend and be silly. That was my plan for the day. Originally, when my BFF and I made plans, Hubby was going to be hanging with our kiddos at home while I went shopping. HOWEVER, he kinda lucked out because my mom called, all but begging to have the girls for the afternoon. Lucky guy. So, he got a bit of a break from his crazy week too.

The thing about this shopping trip was that I didn’t really need anything. I was just along for the ride, the social aspect of it. But when she went to go try on clothes, I did too. I tried on jeans. I hate trying on jeans by the way. While we were at Old Navy, I tried on their jeans that supposedly look good on everybody. Yuck. I was actually kind of glad they looked like crap on me because I’m cynical and cranky and like proving people wrong. Ha.
And more pillows, but I took this picture because this is my favorite color green, and I need to find a way to work more green into my house.

All in all, it was an awesome day to get out of the house, to hang with a good friend, and to just relax a bit. My sinus infection is finally fading and it’s good to start feeling human again and to live life and smile and laugh and JUST BE.

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    I had such a great time and my PJ’s are and I quote the girls “SOOO cute MOM!” which made me feel good..and I think my love for Old Navy jeans has come to an end!!

  2. I tell you, I did NOT love those jeans I tried on. The second pair was just alright for me, but that first? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegh. I’m glad the kids liked your jammies! Fun!!

  3. Great posT. And the green – color of my shared dining room kitchen wall.

  4. The Courteous Chihuahua says

    Personally, I love the hand sculpture!

    Old Navy's clothes are made for Olive Oyl types, which I am definitely not. Sadly, I'm built more like your stereotypical Walmart (aka fat hilbilly) shopper.

    However, I did find some jeans at NY & Co. for 1/2 price that looked pretty darn good.

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