When I Grow Up

Somedays, I wonder what I am going to do when my kids get older – sure I am working now, and ideally, I’d love to just take my job back to a full time level once Pumpkin is in school. The concern is, at this point, will my job be available? In this day – with layoffs galore – who really knows?

I have found over the past several years that I really enjoy working from home. I enjoy the solitude, the alone time – I enjoy being on my own schedule, I enjoy my own version of business casual, I enjoy that no one is around to look down their nose at me if I have been wearing a ponytail for three days straight.

But, to be honest – I’m not an entrepreneurial person. I don’t come up with million dollar ideas (unless you count my idea for doctor’s offices to combine the yearly female physical with a bikini wax – because, I mean, you’re just hanging out there anyway. Might as well get it all done, right? DON’T STEAL MY IDEA). I wish I had that kind of way of thinking, but I don’t. Side note: I wonder if you can train your brain to think that way.


All that thinky-think led me to a free career test on CareerPath.com (and I’m not recommending you do it because I fully expect to get hit with a boatload of spam emails and junk any second now). And the results were as follows:

People with Blue interests like activities that allow them to be
creative. This can be through more traditional visual arts, writing or musical pursuits although not limited to these. The creativity is often expressed in thinking of new ideas or strategies that can have a broad range of applications. Blue interests often like thinking about the future and planning for long term benefits. Hobbies include: performing or listening to music, attending theater, story telling, journaling, decorative arts, painting. Career choice often are: Editor, Journalist, Teacher, Strategic Planner, Consultant, Performing Arts, Marketing, Communications, Research and Development.

Yeah, see me in there at all? And below… My style, according to them.

People with Blue strengths are good at building long term relationships with others that are based on trust and respect. They are sensitive to the individual needs and concerns of others and respond with great understanding and intuition to emotionally difficult situations. They are good at making complex decisions because they will take the time to carefully evaluate their options so they make the best decision the first time. An additional strength they often have is to think about the future and put plans and strategies in place that are focused on long term goals.

Okay, great. So why did I bother? I’m really no better off than I was ten minutes and 40 spam messages ago.

So – you tell me: What should I be when I grow up?

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. I don’t know what you should be when you grow up, but I really like the idea of combining a pap smear with a bikini wax. And I think they should offer bikini waxes, leg waxes, and a pedicure sometime during the last six weeks of pregnancy as part of one’s prenatal care…..that and someone to help me put on socks and tie my shoes. You have a brilliant idea.

  2. My career test results said I should, work in PR, Marketing, or creative arts. So many years I was in so many boring jobs. Why didn’t I listen?

    I’m listening now… sure did take a while.

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