Thursday Ten: One Week Til Christmas (OMG) Edition

1. Pumpkin has been hit hard this week with the crud – a fever, a nasty cough and a very drippy runny nose which has resulted in: very little sleep, a listless kiddo, and a funky rash on her face from wiping her nose with her arm (I know, I know. It’s gross). Last night, I gave her her prescription cough med with codeine – thinking, “Cool, she’ll feel better so she can sleep, and then I’ll be able to sleep.” Nope. She was up around 1:30 with a temp around 102, the heat just radiating from her little body – even her wet diaper that I peeled off her was hot, like she was peeing boiled water (again, I know: It’s gross).

2. Sick kiddo meant NO daycare today, which meant that I took her with me to my guitar lesson. It actually went better than I thought it might, and thought it was a little LESS laid back, it was still good to get out and do it – especially because the upcoming holidays means I won’t have a lesson until the second Thursday in January. That’s a long time.

3. I won a $20 gift card to today – which was awesome. I totally plan on using it to buy something FOR MYSELF, and I know that it’s not the season to be a greedy self-gift-giver… I’m gonna anyway.

4. We’re supposed to get hit hard with snow sometime before noon tomorrow. Like, up to a foot of snow, they’re predicting. No fun. No fun at all… If there is a snow day before the kids have two weeks off from school… well… guess that’s winter in Michigan, isn’t it?

5. I really hate wrapping presents. I have a ton of stuff I still need to wrap and I’m putting off. This is a marathon, not a sprint, right? I better get started.

6. As I type, Pumpkin must be feeling better. She is making a tower with a wrapped Christmas present (Hubby musta wrapped that one – it’s for me – I know what it is), a box of paper clips, my digital camera, a purse pack of Kleenex and my bra. I’m not sure if she’s going to be a sculpture artist when she grows up or an engineer.

7. Snow day or not, I have to spend tomorrow baking a whole big ton of cookies. Saturday is our annual cookie decorating party. Since a few of her friends couldn’t come, The Princess asked if she could invite some of her friends from school. I said yeah. She then said she was inviting 11 more girls and two boys, and I told her, “Back that truck up, Missy. No.” So, guess on Saturday we’ll see if what I said sunk in or if I’ll be hosting the entire first grade.

8. You know what sounds really good right now? Mexican food. Spicy, spicy Mexican food. That I don’t have to cook.

9. New music this week: “You Found Me” The Fray; “Be Like That” Three Doors Down (after which I realized that DUH, I am pretty sure we have this cd, and I could have just ripped the cd to iTunes – I am a GENIUS), and uhhh Britney’s “If You Seek Amy” which really has nothing to do with anyone named Amy – say it kinda fast, and it sounds like you’re spelling a little somethin’ somethin’.

10. What gift are y’all looking forward to giving most of all next week? Anything special you can’t wait for someone to open?

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  1. Memphis Steve says

    “If you seek Amy” eh? I never would have picked up on the fact that she’s spelling something naughty. Pretty clever!

    Now when I tell other people this I can act all smart and act like I noticed it myself. 🙂

  2. We got BabyGirl a cheap little digital camera. I can’t wait to see her face. She’s always asking to take pictures with mine.

    I hope Pumpking gets better fast! All four of mine are sick. Ugh.

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