Saturday 9 – Snoooooooze

1. How long do you sleep each night?
About seven hours, on average.

2. Do you fall asleep easily?
Usually, I’m so wiped out after a day with my kids and with work, that yeah – I’m out after I spend some time reading or if I’m out of books, figuring a Sudoku puzzle. If I try to sleep without the reading, though – forget it. I need that to wind down my brain.

3. Do you fall asleep at times not in your bed?
Rarely. I do tend to fall asleep if I’m the passenger on a long car trip. I slept down a good chunk of the PCH on a business trip to Oregon once to avoid talking to a coworker.

4. Do you listen to music or use “white noise” to sleep?
I used to always have music on to go to sleep but Hubby can’t sleep that way, so I had to give it up.

5. Do you sleep through the night or get up a couple of times?
I almost never get up in the middle of the night if the kids don’t. Once I’m up in the middle of the night, it’s a HUGE pain for me to fall asleep again.

6. Do you have trouble sleeping away from your own bed?
Sometimes. It depends where I am.

7. Do you need an alarm clock to get you up?
I haven’t used an alarm clock in about three years.

8. Do you ever take medication to help you sleep?
If I need to get some sleep and I’m not at all tired, I will happily take a Tylenol PM. It’s not often, but it works – I’d rather get sleep than lie in bed upset about not sleeping.

9. Do you/have you slept with pets?

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