Saturday 9: Holiday Cheer

1. Does the holiday season stress you out? If yes, how do you cope?
I can be pretty high strung at times, but I don’t really see that as related to the holidays. I start shopping early which eliminates most of that panic closer to Christmas.

2. Are you ever so busy in December that you have to force yourself to chill?
There are moments, but I think I’m like that year-round.

3. Do you sleep well at this time of year?
I sleep about the same as I do any other time of year.

4. Have you ever taken a sleigh ride? If yes, tell us about it.
No, I haven’t. Oooh, that may be something for my 101/1001 list!

5. Do you live close to the parts of your family you spend the holidays with?
Actually, all of my mom’s family is nearby, and so we all get together Christmas day. It’s a HUGE gathering at my mom’s house. It’s pretty insane – over 30 people.

6. What will you have for Christmas dinner?
I hate Christmas dinner. In our family, Christmas dinner is ham (which I don’t love) and kielbasa (my grandfather is Polish – no Polish jokes please!). Generally, I find a dinner of mashed potatoes is more than enough to make me happy, but usually, I’ll make some chicken or something.

7. Do you diet after the holidays?
No more than any other time of year. Generally, my eating habits are pretty decent. Once I am not on my holiday baking binge, it sort of evens itself out. Somewhat.

8. What’s the best part of the season for you?
I love how excited my kids are right now. It’s really awesome how thrilled they are about the holidays.

9. How many generations of your family get together during the holidays?
Four. Aren’t we lucky?

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