A Bit of Sunday Random

It’s about four degrees here today and the snow plow service just arrived a bit ago to finally clear out the 8+ inches of snow that have drifted over our driveway (I’m not sure how much of that was new snow – the wind is blowing like crazy here – so, there’s a lot of drifting too).
Yesterday was our holiday cookie decorating party – with a way more low key turnout than usual. Lesson learned: do not host holiday cookie party so close to the actual holiday. Usually, we do this a few weeks prior to Christmas and it is a little easier to squeeze into a schedule. This year, we couldn’t pull it off any earlier unless we’d picked a November date.

So, Friday, I baked a bazillion cookies with the kiddos. Yesterday, we got everything set up (yes, as you can tell, I cheated and bought green frosting instead of making it all. Get over it.). I still have an ungodly amount of sprinkles I need to vacuum out of my carpet, but I can’t find the energy today. Feeling housebound because of the cold nasty weather sucks and I had plans to take the girls to see “Bolt” today. With the weather being so yucky, and the roads being a mess, I don’t know that I dare though. I have ONE more gift to pick up, and was planning to do it while I was out (Also: I am out of Coke Zero – for those of you who know that I can’t make coffee, you realize that I am now entering a trouble zone where there is no caffeine unless I decide to start drinking the green tea I’ve got left in the cupboard, which is fine, I suppose but not the tastiest caffeine delivery method).

And I’m sick of cookies.

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  1. The ‘Bite Me’ cookie has my name written ALL over it!

  2. I’m a fellow blogger and thought you might like this for the little ones!

  3. I never even made it out of the house today, Kat 🙁 “Bite Me” was my mood all day!!

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