Because I Think Mother Nature Is On Crack

The other day, we were knee-deep in snow (and I’m not totally exaggerating: it was NUTS). Last night we had a winter thunderstorm, and woke up to loud gusty winds, rain, and warmer temps.

Now, most of the snow is melted. It was raining so hard earlier, but now it’s stopped.

And where my kids’ sandbox used to be is now a wading pool, I guess. I’m not entirely sure why the lid wasn’t on but with the melted snow and the fresh rain, the water is level with the rim of the pool.

Winter in Michigan. You never really know what you’re going to get.

And I’m not complaining (today). Wait ’til the temps drop tomorrow and it all ices over.

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  1. The FarmHands played outside in short sleeves here Saturday. BabyGirl even went out in shorts & flip-flops until the wind got the better of her!

    Sunday morning, the puddles left from the storm Saturday night were sporting thin sheets of ice!

    This is crazy.

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