At The Carwash…

Yeah, so we’re starting the second week of a two week Christmas break. What’s a mom gotta do to entertain the kidlets? YES.

We went to the carwash.

But, it really needed it.
Car wash, girl…

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  1. Well thanks…now I’ll have that stuck in my head ALLLL day 🙂 We need to plan a lunch sometime soon 🙂

  2. HA! Your “Trash Talk” threw me off – had to check to see who it was from!!!

    Yes, we do need to plan lunch soon – what have you got going on in the next few days/weekend?

  3. Sunday I have nothing, Saturday is my families Christmas party..GULP! Here’s to hoping that goes well.. 🙂 haha during the week I’m strapped to my chair until 07:30 hahaha

  4. OMG, LOL! Love the pix.

    Every day when I read your blog I wonder WHAT you can possibly come up with next. 🙂 Marketing – phfwaaa! Creative writing is your true calling in life – if only it brought a paycheck, eh?

  5. I love the carwash! That's what people should get me for Christmas, car wash tokens! I miss the one we drove through & the brushes would drop down from the ceiling when I was little…and it has purple foamy soap…Daddy & I would take our '77 Nova through it on Saturdays.

    Work & Work….

  6. Ha Ha HA 😉
    My kids love going through the carwash!! Princess especially loves the rainbow ‘soap’
    You are too cute girl.

  7. Case – no kidding… I could write for a living but that cardboard box of mine would probably leak when it rains. Not good!!

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