1-2-3 Holiday Weekend OVER!

Last week, the school was kind enough to give the kiddos Wednesday off for the Turkey Day holiday. By Monday, I was pretty much ready for things to fall back into place – for life to get back on track (I lie – I was ready by Sunday). But I guess I just wanted it too badly.

About 7:30 yesterday morning, my mother called me to tell me there was a snow day.

And then I lost it.

You see, I’m not a chick who loves winter. I don’t like being cold. I don’t like puffy jackets. I don’t like snow days. I don’t like when kids kick off their snow boots at my door and then I walk by in my socks and my socks get all wet. I don’t like the astronomical electric bill from heating the house in the winter. I don’t like it that the snow plow guy charges an insane amount of money for what boils down to maybe two minutes of his time every time we get more than a few inches of snow. And I could go on, but I won’t because you’ll just have to take my word for it: I was not cut out for living where winter involves cold weather.

But here I sit.

And my god, yesterday I was so frustrated – had things I wanted to do and just needed some quiet after FIVE days of “vacation”. Then no go.

Despite my whining, it turned out okay. The Princess ended up playing outside for most of the day (the kid grumbles about standing in the driveway in forty degree temps for five minutes waiting for the school bus, but will happily play in sub-freezing temps for hours on end with no problems). Pumpkin wasn’t TOO high maintenance. I survived.

I focused my eyes forward. TUESDAY would be my day.

Uh-uh. Maybe it’s a result of that cosmic planetary alignment thing (which I couldn’t see because of the BIG FAT SNOW CLOUDS), but I woke up this morning to find out that The Princess’s school had a two hour delay.

You have got to be kidding me.

Fortunately, we pay through the nose for Pumpkin’s school/daycare and they were perfectly fine. Kids five miles north of us in a different school district were out waiting for THEIR buses. Just our lame school district was being cautious. Got the girls in the car, took Pumpkin to school, dashed up to get some coffee and pick up a few things at Target, got The Princess home in time to play in the snow a bit more before the bus came. I drove about forty some miles this morning. The roads? Really not that bad. Big babies.

So, I guess we’re just EASING our way back on schedule. Here’s hoping to find no glitches tomorrow.

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  1. I would be pulling someone's hair out….at the moment I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with Christmas vaca, except that Husband is off work longer than the FarmHands are out of school. That & I'm having my last 3 wisdom teeth taken out on the 19th so I can spend most of Christmas in a Vicodin fog!

  2. LOL – that’s why I live in Cali baby! I don’t “do” snow. Sometimes the kids talk me into visiting it for a few hours. Personally, I’d rather go to the beach!

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