Waiting Sucks…

I am sitting in the hospital Surgery Center waiting room. It’s loud in here – everyone’s on a cell phone and the television is blarning Fox News even though no one is watching it. My eyelids are heavy and I’m tired – and this is the first time in years that I have felt bored. Boredom is a luxury you don’t really get when you have kids. I have my laptop, a WiFi network (albeit, a slow cranky one, apparently), a box of Wheat Thins, some peanut butter cookies I made for my grandmother, texting on my phone, chatting on Skype. I have a book in my bag. My family is in the middle of the waiting room – I’m off to myself in a double chair by the wall. My laptop battery was getting a little low and there are so few wall outlets in this place. Fine by me, I don’t feel like having a conversation with my family – and to be honest, I can follow their conversation fine from over here. (They’re that loud).

My mom just shouted over to me, “Sarah! Grandma thinks you’re pretty!” I don’t know if I’ve ever heard her say that, so I’m a little shell shocked in my corner of the room. It’s funny, I guess – I can’t think of a time when she has ever said anything like that to me. An unexpected bonus of sitting in the hospital waiting room. Maybe it was all those cookies, who knows.

Right about now, The Princess’s school bus should be going by our house and I am hoping that she remembered that she was supposed to get off at the next stop at her friend’s house. I am hoping that if she forgot, the bus driver remembered. And I’m hoping if EVERYONE forgot, she sees the note on the door and goes right to where she needs to go without panicking.

I hope that Hubby remembers to leave work early to pick up the kids. I hope he remembers the security code for the entry system at Pumpkin’s daycare. I half wonder what the kids are going to eat for dinner – but I’m betting that he gets to be Fun Daddy and take them through the Drive through at MickeyD’s (a RARE occasion in our house, I hate the smell of McDonalds).

My grandfather has been in surgery for about an hour, and so there are about two more hours to go. We haven’t heard anything, and I hope things go smoothly. I’m tired. I slept horribly last night, and it’s hitting me like a ton of bricks. My game plan, which involved lots of Coke Zero, means that I really have to pee, and I am afraid that once I stand up, I’m going to realize that one of my legs has fallen asleep. I really hate waiting. I’m horrible at waiting.

It’s a long day.

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  1. I'm praying that you get good news soon & your grandfather recovers quickly!

  2. I’m hoping that all went well with your Grandpa. He sounds like quite a character. Prayers for all of you. Get some rest. I’ll have some Cheez-Its in your honor!

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