Think I’ll Just Lay Down on the Couch and Zzzzzzzzzz.

It’s Sunday and I just woke up from another freakin’ weekend nap on the couch. And I’m not a napper. It has been insane. The past two nights I have gotten at least eight hours of sleep and I’m still completely exhausted and freezing throughout the day. I’m taking that to mean that I’ve got another trip to the doc’s again soon for another round of getting my blood drawn to check my thyroid levels. At my last appointment, my levels were too high so the doc wrote a prescription for a lower dose. I’m thinking they went too far in the opposite direction. Wheee, what fun.

My kids are hanging with my mom today. I figured with the weather turning to cold (it’s about 37 degrees right now) that I wanted to do some Christmas shopping. Dropped girls off with mom, and made the Hubby go to Target with me. While I’m pretty sure their stockings are done, presents wise, I want to pick up a few more things. I could tell Hubby wasn’t really feeling it and to be honest, I love Christmas shopping for my girls – I wanted it to be fun. I’ll finish it on my own in the next few weeks. (As with last year, I think I’ll make it my goal to be done by December 15 – because, why not?).

The stockings are my favorite part – and have always been. Maybe because of the way I was brought up. My mom still puts together stockings for me and my sister and brother – and that’s always the most fun part – seeing what weird quirky things she puts in them. I make my mom’s and my sis, brother and mom’s husband contribute a few things to put in it. It’s fun to look for those crazy little things you know a person likes (things like margarita salt and funky nail polish colors and random stuff like that). I’m a big dork about birthdays and Christmas and all that stuff – which is why the stocking appeals to me, I think. Someone taking the time to fill it with things that will make me smile – it’s not the gifts, but just knowing that I’m thought of. I’m a sucker like that.

All this Christmas talk today, sheesh. It’s just barely November. Guess that’s what happens when the snow starts flying.

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