Sugar and Sugar and… Loud Laughy Men In My Dining Room

At just past 11 on a Saturday evening I am still awake and I am still blogging, though thinking of curling up in bed with a book and just vegging. Sleep, while that would be really nice, seems like somewhat of a long shot as I hear the guys in my dining room bursting into random fits of laughter. At some point after dinner tonight, phone calls were made and it was determined that tonight would be poker night. And that poker night would be in my dining room. Lovely.

Guess it’s hard for me to complain (too much) because I have had a lovely day. My best friend (or as she so sweetly called me on her blog, “sister of heart” – which I tell you what, I’m such a sucker, that was the sweetest thing EVER!) and her sister-in-law came over to take over my kitchen and include me in their holiday baking extravaganza. Minor note: Nothing went into the oven. No baking took place. A whole lot of melting of stuff in makeshift double boilers but the oven stayed off. Apparently they do this every year – making a whole freakin’ ton of good things and kind of using them throughout the holiday season when special occcasions/events come up. Smart, right? I think so. Now, I have to make sure I have enough special occasions to use all this stuff otherwise I’ll just eat it (I’ll totally mail someone stuff if they ask nicely. Because I’m nice.)

Today, I got to be a part of it. We made Nanaimo bars (which I had never heard of, to be honest – but the crust is chocolate, butter, powdered sugar, coconut and walnuts. YUM), chocolate peanut butter balls (sometimes called “buckeyes” but NOT on the day that Michigan loses to OSU, thankyouverymuch) and chocolate covered pretzels.

We tripled and in some cases quadrupled the original recipes. In case of peanut butter balls, that required fifteen cups of powdered sugar and six cups of peanut butter and a god awful amount of butter. In case you wondered what that looked like, see below:
Healthy, right?

After several hours of making yummy things, we all packed up our stuff, dishes were washed, and the other ladies went home. I finished cleaning my kitchen (including scrubbing my floor which somehow managed to see a lot of melted chocolate – what a mess!). It was such a fun time, and I am really resisting the urge to eat all the chocolate pretzels now. Especially the ones with white chocolate because those are really yummy.

So, it’s probably not just the loud goofy guys in the dining room keeping me awake, but kinda sorta the fact that I maybe had a teensy tiny bit of a lot of sugar today. Whoops.

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  1. Oooo….I want to come to your house for a snack. Like I need any more sugar. But you just made my favorite treats in the world, so what do you expect?

    I hadn’t heard of Nanaimo bars either until moving to BC and finding them most delectable. It’s a good thing I don’t know how to make them myself yet, or I’d be buying extra large maternity clothing and giving myself treatment for gestational diabetes. They are that good.

    The buckeyes are also wonderful too, though my own creations never look very neat. I’m such a messy cook…well, messy with any project I attempt.

    Okay, now that you’ve made me hungry, I better go find something to eat.

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