Seal, "SOUL"

I don’t normally do reviews over on this site, but had the awesome opportunity to review Seal’s new album “Soul” for Blissfully Domestic, and wanted to blab a bit more about it here – not just because it rocks that much (though it does), but because if I tell you all how much it rocks, and include that awesome Seal widget, I get a chance to win free stuff (including a gift certificate to SpaFinders – and HELLO? Who needs a trip to a spa more than I do?!).

So, first of all, check out my review over on Blissfully Domestic. In case y’all couldn’t tell, I kinda sorta liked this cd a whole bunch. Oh yeah. It’s been playing non stop since I received it and honestly, I don’t think I’ll stop playing it any time soon. It’s THAT good. All classic songs – but thankfully, he didn’t redo “When A Man Loves a Woman” (which has been covered, what? Four hundred times?).

The album opens with “A Change Is Gonna Come” and in light of recent events in our country, seems so relevant even though the song was written decades ago. Seal’s version of “Stand By Me”? I think I like it better than Ben E. King’s. And “It’s Alright” by Seal – well, way better than that huge Huey Lewis cover-mess.

This is an excellent album, and one you’ll get stuck hearing if you’re stuck in the car with me anytime soon.

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