Old Dog –> New Tricks

Every Thursday in my Thursday Ten post, I tend to blab a bit about my guitar lesson, what I’m learning – Bach, Beethoven, Lynrd Skynrd (That totally looks spelled wrong – but you know who I mean), Blue Oyster Cult, blah blah blah. Then sometimes maybe I talk a little bit about chords, or about strumming or strings. I think I have yet to talk about the fact that I am getting calluses on my finger tips, or my quest to find the perfect thickness of guitar pick (and it really DOES matter).

Having said that, I really am enjoying my guitar lessons. Thursdays are a good day for me anyway – both daughters at school, able to get work done, able to pick up around the house somewhat, able to hear myself think. But the highlight of my day is usually my guitar lesson. Though my lesson is only 30 minutes and I spend longer driving to and from, and longer wishing I hadn’t forgotten to eat lunch (yet again!), I really enjoy the time that I’m there. I like learning something new, and I love the way it challenges my brain and my hands to do something different.

I already knew how to read music, but reading music for guitar is different – instead of using the five-lined staff for treble or bass, guitar involves reading tablature. It’s different, and sometimes it’s hard to wrap my mind around. Then sometimes I figure something out and it sounds less like choking cats and I’m so proud of myself. And I love having something to be proud about.

I am a words and music person. Those are the things that appeal to me most of all, and so I love that I’m giving that part of my brain a chance to work some magic and taking some time for myself. I love that even though I hate not instantly being able to grasp something, and I get frustrated by learning curves, and frustrated by not just BEING GOOD from the very first time I put the guitar in my hands, despite all that, I still am enjoying myself. Even when I can’t play an F chord I’m still happy to even try.

So while I won’t be going on tour any time soon (REALLY), and while I’m certainly not the prodigy I would have hoped to be, I am absolutely enjoying myself and am going to keep up with taking the lessons. It’s been a long time since I’ve challenged myself to do anything, and a long time since I felt like I was doing something just for myself. But I’m so so glad I did.
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