My Mission. Self Inflicted.

Yes, I was out with the crazies on Black Friday (though, we’ve already established that I found them to be quite pleasant and not really that crazy – except for the people trying to wheel strollers through jam packed aisles in crowded stores: THAT is indeed crazy). Then I went out again yesterday. Then I went out again today.

I would say at this point I am at least 90% done with my Christmas shopping. And now it’s like this itch I have to just finish it all. Now. Rightthisminute. Can’t wait any longer.

Last year, I imposed a December 15 deadline to finish my shopping. You think Black Friday shoppers are nuts? No way – not in comparison to those rabid, last-minute shoppers. THEY are nuts. And, being in Michigan, the further we get into December… well, the weather doesn’t exactly get any better. I’d just as soon be home kicking my feet up versus in my car with a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel trying not to put the car in a ditch during a trip to the mall to get a last minute gift for so-and-so.

I just scooped up a few things via ten minutes ago after spending the morning with Pumpkin buying stocking stuffers for my mom. I think it’s also worth noting that I have yet to buy anything for myself, though I usually give into temptation once or twice during my shopping excursions. I need to pick up a few small little gifts for my mom’s stocking and that’s done.

I’m done shopping for my daughters (though “Santa” has one more gift to pick up for The Princess). I’m done shopping for my husband. Stepson is darn near done (and if Hubby wants to get him anything else, he’s welcome to – but I’m done). I just need to pick up something small for my brother, my sister and her boyfriend (likely a “couples” gift because I still don’t know the guy really well) and stuff for my mom’s husband (who asked that we not buy him gifts at all – but too bad, I don’t roll that way. I like to give Christmas gifts – so, deal with it).

And that minor shopping could easily be accomplished in a two hour span at the mall with no kids. And that’s a very loose estimate. I’m guessing if I was feeling antsy, I could get it done in one.

That’s the way I like it. I like not feeling pressure and I like the satisfaction of being the one everyone grumbles at who is happily exclaiming, “I’m done shopping!” Yes, you can hate me if you want – but deep down, you wish you were as dedicated as I am, don’t you?

Have you all started your shopping yet? How’s it going?

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  1. I need stocking stuffers for the FarmHands, something small for Husband, and all of Bitsy’s yet to buy. The rest is done…has been since October!

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