Though we are still buried under heaps of Halloween candy, and though The Princess insists on wearing her little bat ears when we go out, Halloween is O-V-E-R and I’m not to heart broken about it either.

And for the first time since COLLEGE, I got dressed up for a low key Halloween gathering. The last time I did the whole Halloween thing, I donned some scrubs and a stethoscope and was a doctor (that was back when I was working in a hospital, so the costume itself wasn’t exactly overloaded with creativity).

Last night’s costume wasn’t exactly overloaded with creativity either.

I was a cat.

The irony being I really don’t like cats (and not just because they make me sneezy and make my eyes water and they shed hair all over). But, given the gathering was with a guy I went to high school with that I really don’t know all that well and given that it can get pretty cold after dark in Michigan and given that Hubby and I went to a movie first (“Zack & Miri”, in case you’re interested – which you’ll love if you love crass humor, but it’s definitely not Kevin Smith’s best flick). Sooo, what to wear?

I wore all black, and then got some kitty ears and a tail. I skipped the whole ears/tail thing for going out – and put the ears on later. I totally forgot to put my tail on – which is fine, because it would have had to be pinned on, and the pants, being that they were satiny-ish, would have DEFINITELY snagged from the safety pin, so it’s all good.

So… I did the Halloween thing and it didn’t totally suck (and now we have The Princess’s costume for next year because she’s already called dibs on my ears & tail).

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