Saturday’s Highs & Lows

Lows (cuz I’d like to finish with the good, right?):

Tonight, The Princess mentioned that for our 3rd annual Cookie Party, she’d like to invite the daughter of my exboyfriend from college. Now that the teacher has moved their seats so they are table mates, they are becoming SUCH GOOD FRIENDS. The Princess tells me not to worry, because “I have her phone number and address already, mom.” Cringe.

Michigan lost to Michigan State today. Granted, Michigan has had a ROYALLY crappy season. I mean, really really really crappy. But… they held their own for much of the game and completely lost it during the fourth quarter. I’m so grateful my sister (the Michigan State fan) was willing to send gloating text messages for the last four minutes of the game – otherwise, I might not be aware that my team was not winning. Ahem.

I got my eyebrows waxed this morning and the wax was too hot. I think I’m going to have a nice little red mark under my eyebrows. Both of them. Dang.

Somehow, Hubby and the kids ended up with three more pumpkins today, bringing the total of pumpkins needing to be carved to SIX. That’s a lot of freakin’ pumpkins.


I have received “blessing” to head out sans kids tomorrow, which will be a nice break since Hubby has been gone all day today at the football game.

Picked up a new book to read – and I’ll start once I make a dent in my pile of magazines.

My kids looked pretty cute in their costumes once I de-slutted The Princess’s costume. A lot less skeezy with leggings underneath. Go me!

I made my kids’ day by taking them to McDonald’s for dinner. Because I think MickeyD’s is crap and I don’t eat it, I picked up some Chinese food for myself on the way home. I almost never have Chinese food because my husband hates it… and now I have so much leftover, I think I’ll be burned out on it soon. Yuuuuum.

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  1. We do six pumpkins every freakin’ year – you get no sympathy from me!

    Six costumes too – cause Mama loves to dress up!

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