If A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words

So, Thursday morning after I dropped Pumpkin off at daycare, I was hustling home to get to the house before the mom-who-doesn’t-feed-children-on-playdates came over to try to sell me stuff and I saw a hot air balloon. This isn’t uncommon. There are balloons out all the time at this time of year. It is unusual for me to drive right under one, so that when I look up, I can see the flame dealy-bob. But cool.

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  1. When I taught in Tennessee, the pumpkin farm we visited for a field trip actually marketed those as “swan gourds”. So maybe that’s their real name. I don’t know.

    Geez, I’d like to come to your house just to read your magazines. That’s the only thing that makes going to the dentist or the doctor fun, because I’m too cheap to actually subscribe to any on my own. If Katie Couric asked me what I read, I’d have to disappoint her with my “whatever old magazines they have in whatever waiting room I’m visiting” answer.

    And as for Halloween, I’m with you. Give me the candy (please, really, I’m wide open for donations), but leave the gory junk at home and adults acting like five year olds at home.

    (The security code started with the word “elmo”….very interesting, considering I almost wrote him in as a candidate while voting early in the States. It was either him or Snuffalupagus, but I have no idea how to spell Snuffy.)

  2. I’m a big magazine-dork. I subscribe to many – that’s not even all of them. I finally let some lapse, but, I still dig my magazines. If you lived closer, I’d totally save ’em for you.

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