Green Acres Is the Place To Be

Because of 365, I’m taking pictures all the time. And I tell people all the time that I live in the middle-of-freakin’-nowhere and that to get to anything worthwhile, you have to drive for miles and miles and miles.

So, I took a few pictures on my way home from shopping today so you can see the kind of stuff near me:
And a pretty tree on a road surrounded by farm-ish stuff.

Yeah, all within a few miles of my house. I am not a country girl. Farm living is NOT the life for me.
So there you go – a few snapshots of my drive.

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  1. Dang girl.

    I went to Rivertown – looked for new shoes (no go). Started Xmas shopping.

  2. Robin Wilson says

    Was I right? Shoot I should have met up with ya! 🙂 We have been sitting here doing caused drama today! GRRR soooo no fun!

  3. Hey, I think you drove past my house! Kidding. But it does look very similar.

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