But I Did It Anyway

So, I told y’all that I am not the volunteer in the class kind of mom, but I did it today. I went in after dropping Pumpkin off at daycare (and getting coffee). I stayed just over an hour. In that hour I obseved several things:

a) My kid is crazy smart
b) The parents with no landlines and cell phones only? Their kids have a harder time learning their phone numbers. Sounds crazy – but I had to work with kids seeing if they knew their digits and CONSISTENTLY cell-only kids did NOT.
c) The teacher moved The Princess so she now sits next to my ex-boyfriend’s daughter. Whee.

Along that vein, The Princess came home this afternoon with her little address book with the daughter’s name, phone number and address. Can’t wait til THAT playdate. I think I’ll be gone that day.

Later tonight, we had parent-teacher conferences and that went unbelievably well. Apparently, The Princess is topped out on reading levels – she’s reading at level 20+ (they won’t test beyond that, but say that she’s at least on second grade level). Most of the kids in her class are around levels 5 – 8.

Teacher said my daughter is creative, mature, empathetic and a good friend to her classmates. All of that made me feel great because those are all things she got from me. See, one of the things people often say about her is that she looks just like Hubby. And she does. Granted, he’s not blonde anymore, but when he was a kid, he was blonde just like she is. They have similar features. I’ve had people ask if I was a part of her genetic makeup at all (I’m just a recessive gene pool, appearance wise, I guess). From the looks perspective, probably not. But all the inside stuff – the writing, the reading, the creativity and how she relates to people? I hate to get conceited, but, that stuff comes from me. It felt good to hear that.

Granted, she seems to be excelling at everything. That worries me – Hubby and I both had such an easy time right through high school – college was a bit of a reality check, though. Weird as it sounds, I would rather she had a few tough times here and there where she learned to work through things and figure things out rather than sail smoothly until her freshman year of college and have it all smack her upside the head.

I’m off the hook for volunteering for another two weeks.

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