The Bluest Eyes in… Well, Not Texas

One of my favorite pictures I took today was Pumpkin staring in the mouth of a megaphone so that all you could see was her little blue eye. This girl has unbelievable eyes. Quite possibly the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. And it’s funny, both my girls have blue eyes – but they are so different. The Princess’s eyes are just like Hubby’s. They are a very pale blue – but they are blue through and through. Pumpkin’s are almost an ice blue with an almost navy blue rim around the edge. She has stunning eyes.

And I don’t know how or why.

(This would be a good time for someone to jump in and explain genetics to me)

Obviously, I know that I carry a blue-eyed gene: both of my maternal grandparents have blue eyes. My mom has hazel eyes, and my dad’s eyes are much like my own – brown eyes that seem to lighten with age (or mood, or with what I’m wearing – often these days, they are more hazel/green than brown). My driver’s license says my eyes are brown, but honestly, most days you wouldn’t think so from looking at them.

Anyway, what’s my point? Really… I have none. I just wanted to post this picture – it would have been my picture of the day but I opted for one with more of a Halloween tinge to it, so that when I looked at them next year, I’d remember the prevailing theme of the day was Halloween (and bless my kids who after an hour of firmly denying my requests for candy finally gave me a mini Kit Kat and a mini Butterfinger – and who doesn’t love a Butterfinger?).

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  1. We have cousins with a little girl with eyes just like that! I’d never seen eyes that color before H was born. They facinate me! Beautiful!!

    BTW, Husband has brown eyes, I have hazel green/brown eyes, and somehow Bitsy has blue eyes. I don’t understand it at all.

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