And Some Random

(I took my Whine Hat off)

My grandfather looks fabulous today! He got to eat a bit of a modified liquid diet – tomato soup and ice cream. AND – they gave him his coffee back! He’s over the moon psyched. They are talking about sending him home in the next few days.

I am going to be doing some research about donating blood – and trying to coordinate some family members to go and try to “replace” what Grandpa has used in the past week. I believe they’ve given him six units of blood. I really hate donating blood – and usually my iron is too low and I can’t. But I’ll try. I do love the part in the end where they give you cookies.

It’s my birthday week – Thursday is the big day. I’m just telling you ahead of time. Don’t say no one told you.

So, Prison Break wasn’t on tonight because of baseball. That really sucks. I hate baseball. Instead, I flipped to Bravo and watched what I guess was a repeat of the Rachel Zoe Project. Meh.

Did I mention my birthday was coming up?

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  1. Mrs. Fire Family says

    I’ve been out of town and just returned last night. I am glad to hear that your grandfather is doing much better. I am so with you on the parent volunteering deal-I am a drop-them-off kind of mom. Sending your grandpa prayers for healing.

  2. AND we are fellow Prison Break Fans… I think this is the start of something good… LOL I love Prison Break!! AND was so mad at stupid baseball for being on!!!

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