Thursday Ten, Not that I’m Complaining Edition

1. Last night, I got some crazy awful back pain and just started feeling like crap in general. Fortunately, I had my yearly girly exam scheduled for today with the doc (there was some good timing if ever there was good timing to get hit with somethin’) for this morning, so though I am otherwise healthy, and have lost the pounds I gained with my thyroid mess, I also have a kidney infection. But I’m not complaining, oh no, not me. Nope, I looooooooove this. I feel so great! No sympathy needed. (Anyway, you can pick through that and find the sarcasm – I think I left some in there somewhere).

2. New music this week – I went to the way back machine. Fatboy Slim’s “Rockafeller Skank” and one from 2 Live Crew. I’m not saying which one. They’re all about the same.

3. Guitar lessons are going well – no new chords today. Today was all about strumming. And eight notes. And hammer-ons and pull offs. Look at me tossing the lingo around. The plus side is that conceptually I’m getting it. I am developing the muscle memory. And I’m not too old. Yay.

4. The theory of crock pot cooking appeals to me, but I really hate having my house smell like food all day. I have pork slow cooking, because I really love bbq pulled pork sandwiches (a fact that always surprises people – I’m not sure why) – but I’m so sick of smelling it that I doubt I’ll want to eat it. Sigh. There goes that idea.

5. The fact that I get really crappy cell reception in my house is starting to really annoy me.

6. It was so dark when I got out of bed this morning, I literally walked into a door. Yes, my grace is astonishing, isn’t it?

7. School fundraisers, how much do those suck? We got hit with TWO for The Princess last week (two? How is that necessary?!) and one for Stepson. Hate to be that parent, but I can’t stand the thought of spending $12 on a roll of ugly, flimsy wrapping paper. I’d really rather just write the school a check for twelve bucks and have them get the whole amount. Hubby, on the other hand, now wants to go sit in on a school board meeting and find out just what it is that they spend money on that necessitates so many fundraisers.

8. Project Runway… Suede and his third person talking are auf’d. And I don’t mind that so much, but really? Kenley was horrible last night. So mouthy and so annoying. How does that not catch up with her?

9. I wonder if I can get my kids to give me a back rub without hurting me? I think that would be quite nice, but I’m kind of thinking they might be a bit over-aggressive and that would defeat the purpose. But I’m not complaining. (ahem).

10. My best friend is now older than me for the next three weeks (three and a half?). Just wanted to rub that in. Hope you had a good birthday!

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    AHEM! 🙂 hahaha Well thankfully I feel no different at 32 than I did at 31 (2 days ago!) LOL I hope you start feeling better soon!!

  2. For #4. Do you have a garage? Put the crock pot in the garage & let it cook in there all day. I used to fry fish in our garage with my Fry Baby so the house wouldn't smell like fish all day.

    #7. My husband laid a hard fast rule when BabyGirl started Pre-k. No fundraisers. We sell nothing. If she has to go to a car wash or something, that's one thing (not that she's old enough for that yet), but no candles/popcorn/cookie dough/wrapping paper/holiday junk sold.

    #8. I was glad to see Suede go (the third person thing makes me CRAZY!! and B.B.'s been doing it for 3 weeks now), but I'm with you on the Kenley thing. She was my favorite from the get go, but her attitude is making me cringe. Please, darling, shut up & sew!

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