It’s a Little Damp Around Here

Though The Princess took swimming lessons this summer, I wasn’t sure if Pumpkin was ready to join in the fun. Sure, she’s three, but she’s kind of a young three – and she doesn’t have her big sister’s fearless nature when it comes to… well, everything. But she’s tough and she’s starting to really love being in the water so we figured it was time to start swim lessons for Pumpkin, as well as advance The Princess to the next level.

Watching swimming lessons was a bit of a brutal experience for me, and I’m a bit embarassed that I was so nervous. While The Princess can swim and I could be completely confident that she’d be a-okay, Pumpkin can’t swim yet and her instructor had her and the six other little peeps hanging on the wall of the shallow end for most of the 45 minute lesson. Sure, she’d pull them away for a second – to help them float or kick, but beyond that, for the bulk of the time, these kiddos were just hanging on to the wall.

At one point, I could see Pumpkin’s arms getting tired and she let go, and her head just went under. Of course (silly mom!) she popped right back up, spitting out water and rubbing her eyes, but frankly (and I say this because YES, I have brutal mama bear tendencies) I was a little pissed off at the instructor for the countless times she turned her back on these kids who DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SWIM.

I was relieved when a gentleman came to stand by the side of the pool, keeping a more watchful eye on the little people while the instructor took her time with each kid – kicking, floating, whatever. He was REALLY watching (I think he worked for the pool – but I have no idea. I don’t care, actually – I’m just glad that someone was paying attention).

When the instructor tucked two pool noodles under each kiddo’s arms and sent them floating towards the deep end, I sat at the edge of my seat, watching… watching… When Pumpkin turned around to come back, she didn’t have the know-how to get herself back to the edge. The Princess, hanging on the wall for her class started calling to her little sister, “Come this way! Here you go! Come on! You can do it!” and when Pumpkin got closer, The Princess pulled her back to the wall.

And my eyes filled up with tears. The Princess’s instructor said, “Pay attention! You need to be paying attention!” and my Princess told her, “But that is my sister.” And I was so happy.
Leaving the pool, we sludged through puddles and hovered under a french blue umbrella as the rain pelted us. It hasn’t stopped all morning, and after hours of rain, it still shows no sign of stopping. We needed a little rain. Our lawn was starting to look like crap. But now, hours later, the sandbox now resembles a wading pool and everything is soggy.

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    that is so sweet, and something Caroline would have done! **HUGS** We have some pretty neat girls, we should get a picture of all us together! That would be neat!!!

  2. We totally should! Why dont’ we have that picture already?!?!?

  3. I’m just catching up on your blog. I have vivid memories of not being able to touch when I first started swimming lessons, and it took me a long time to not be scared of the pool. It sounds like your eldest is making sure that doesn’t happen to her little sister. You have some amazing kiddos!

    As for the pool….they should do what our local pool does for the 3 year old class. I thought it was brilliant, and just wish I’d had that option when I was little. I probably wouldn’t still be conquering my fear of water. They put a platform covered with outdoor carpet and weighted at the bottom of the shallow end so shorter kiddos can stand on their own and not have to hang onto the wall. They also utilize life jackets during some lessons so the kids can focus on things like kicking form or breathing exercises without having to also face the fear of sinking. At first I thought those methods were counterproductive, but the three year old I took to swimming lessons has now jumped two more levels in just a couple of months, and the teachers don’t pass them to the next level lightly. So they must be doing something right. My teachers never did that, and I sure wish they had.

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