Thursday Ten, I Love Cupcakes Edition

1. MH made cupcakes with the kids yesterday and at first I thought to myself, “Chocolate cupcakes. Eh. I can resist chocolate cupcakes.” Clearly what I can not resist is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips in it. That spells straight up trouble for me. Must get these things OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE.

2. Project Runway last night. Maybe thoroughly unAmerican of me, but… Brooke Shields? She’s very funny looking. I don’t know what it is about her, but something about her just seems off to me. Having said that, I was surprised to see Kelli get the boot (even with her “slutty, slutty, slutty” outfit) and would have much preferred Blayne-alicious to go. Even if I didn’t think his Bermuda shorts were some hot mess (and they looked cheap to me), he just annoys me.

3. I downloaded some other tunes by Secondhand Serenade this week because I adore the song “Fall For You”. What I discovered? All of his stuff sounds pretty much the same – so you’re safe in just downloading “Fall For You” and skipping the rest of his catalog. Just put “Fall for You” on repeat and pretend you’re listening to the whole album.

4. The stuff with my brother’s health continues to just evolve into more and more of a trainwreck. My parents are having a lot of trouble right now, and my dad will be out next month as they start a new round of taking my brother to specialists in Ann Arbor.

5. Just a few more weeks until school starts! Whoohoo! The older my kids get, the more I see the merits of year round school. Three months off is a bit long for The Princess – she’s such a social creature, it’s hard for her to not have more of her time accounted for. Unfortunately, her friends and their families travel and do the vacation thing a lot – I can’t remember out last family vacation, but I’m sure it was at least a year ago.

6. Staying up too late + getting up with Pumpkin in the middle of the night = my god I am so tired.

7. Are y’all watching the Olympics? Admittedly, I’m not. I’ve caught bits and pieces here and there – and think Michael Phelps is awesome and about got misty eyed hearing LeBron whatever his name is talking about how the US mens’ b-ball team went to one of the swimming events to cheer Phelps on. I thought that was pretty cool.

8. Speaking of Michael Phelps – have you read that he eats 10,000 calories a day? Wow. You know he’s not eating 10K calories of cheesecake a day, like some people I know might do (ahem). Can you imagine?

9. Song I’m listening to on repeat at the moment: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Love this song.

10. Note to the guy driving behind me this morning in the bright red midlife crisis mobile: If I couldn’t make it through that light before it turned red, no way YOU were going to make it. So, when I stop for the red light, I would appreciate if you could keep your finger gestures to yourself and realize that when I looked back in my rear view, I could read your lips and saw every word you said (Kiss your mother with that mouth?). I’m sorry you were in such a hurry that the two minutes of sitting at the light obviously threw your whole day off kilter. What I say is this: chill out, and realize my finger works too. Should you ever end up behind me again, I will slow my car waaaaaaaay down and maybe show you a gesture or two. Jerk.

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