So When I Learn To Play My Guitar…

I used to joke that if I ever had a band, I would call it Fishwater. The name occurred to me while helping The Princess round up stuff to clean her fish tank – I told her not to get fish water on anything.

While I was at Rothbury, I saw a guy wearing a Fishwater shirt and I was somewhat perturbed – I mean, he stole the name of my band (without knowing!). Turns out, it’s not a band, but a song by Widespread Panic. Either way, I guess I kind of gave up on Fishwater.

But today, I was reading a blog and one of the fun things he posted was a Band Name Maker – so I decided to give it a whirl, typing in “Sarah” for the key word. I figured, okay, this could be my band name or maybe a cool new rockin’ nickname.

Potential Sarah bandnames are:
Sarah Chartreuse
Sarah #7
Sarah Chest (? really?)
Major Sarah and the Smooth Splash
Sarah Water and the Breathing Pyro
Sarah Legacy
Sarah Kumquat
Sarah of the Moral
Sarah Oasis
Sarah Papaya
Severe Sarah and the Spanking Trash
Sarah Belly
Sarah Complex
Sarah Mouth and the Ice Cold Nibble
Ambitious Sarah of the Suburban Audio
Lubricated Sarah
Naughty Sarah
Sarah of the Revenge
Odd Sarah and the About Blues
Sarah Chainsaw
Sarah Subject
Faster Sarah
Inevitable Sarah
Proven Sarah
Sarah Box
Sarah Barcode and the Bitter Button
Elixir of the Sarah Empire
Sarah Application
Sarah Sucky
Sarah Necessity

And I could go on alllll day (and I might, once I hit publish). I think I’m needing a new user name for something – which is the best name, maybe I’ll use it. And you should run your name because I totally need something to kill time reading today.

About sarah

Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. I don’t know about rock band names, but you’ve definitely got the titles for some great pornos in there!!

  2. Yeah, kind of scary, huh?

  3. I like Sarah Papaya and Faster Sarah.

    Emily Air
    Emily Of The Dandy Foot
    Emily Of The Paper
    Emily Agony
    Deluded Emily
    Frugal Emily
    Emily Howdy
    Blinding Emily
    Boring Emily
    Focusing Emily
    Emily Cat
    Emily Juice
    Emily Mixture
    Emily Soup
    Sucky Emily
    Emily Champion
    Emily Enemy
    Arrested Emily
    Emily Mystery
    Emily Eskimo
    Emily Eyelash And The Kiwi
    Canine Emily OfThe Evil Medicority
    Emily Nugget
    Two-piece Emily
    Bitter Emily
    Emily Flame OfThe Hardcore Calling
    Yummy Emily

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