No Spartans Were Injured. Not For Lack of Trying.

Late yesterday afternoon, I finally sought directions to the hotel where I was meeting a friend last night. That was when it hit me that I had allowed myself basically 40 minutes to get to a location that Google Maps was saying was 90 minutes away (damn). I’ve found Google to be fairly reliable with regards to mapping (as opposed to Mapquestionable), so I was getting a bit peeved at the classic Sarah move of lack of foresight on the whole dealy-bob. Hubby was then twenty minutes late getting home from work – which fueled my peevishness.

Good news, though, is that once I hit the road and started singing along to the radio (you all had to have known that I’m a radio-sing-alonger, right?) and chatting with my best friend (planning a road trip, no less! WHOO!), I realized that I was making pretty good time and that my 90 minute drive was really more like an hour.


Good times.

Reached the hotel, did the meet up and then headed to downtown for some dinner. Being in a college town does nothing but make me want to move back to a college town. I love the feel of campus towns – and given that fall classes haven’t yet started, the campus didn’t have the tense “OMFG! Life Sucks!” vibe that campuses can sometimes get.

We sat in a Mexican restaurant for a bit – talking about lives, work, husbands, exercise – and I really enjoyed myself (Hi H! Good to see ya!). I dropped her back off at her hotel and I headed home – stopping once to put gas in the car and to go pee, only to find that the gas station had just painted the bathroom and it was not usable. I decided at that point, Oh, I’ll just hold it til I get home. I was successful in that endeavor. Did it make me happy? Um, next time I’ll be finding a rest stop. Lesson learned.

So much of my life revolves around my family – day in and day out, I am putting someone else’s needs above mine. I signed on for that when I became a parent, and I get it and I don’t mind it. Every now and again though, it feels so good to get out on my own and remember that there is something more to me than being a mom, that I have my own merits and things that make me awesome (rather than just fawning over my awesome kids – who are so worth fawning over – they rock). It was good to laugh, to not have my censor on, and quite honestly jamming in the car and not having the radio tuned to Radio Disney? Good stuff.

(But dammit – I forgot to use my Starbucks coupon.)

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