Like I Got Run Over

I woke up this morning relieved that today my Mother’s Helper (MH) would be coming to hang out with my chicklets while I locked myself away in my office and made myself uber-productive (or as I pondered with today’s Facebook status – “…either really productive or… really unproductive”). By the time MH arrived (early! My god! Early! She’s never early!), I was ready to flee the scene – the girls had been wonderfully behaved this morning, but I had anticipated several large projects coming down the pipe today, and I knew I would need every minute of my “freedom” to get it all done.

I did not anticipate that the three projects I was counting on having in my Inbox would not be there (and the coworker on Pacific time not available to bother for several more hours). I also did not anticipate spending three hours in a back and forth email-a-thon with four coworkers trying to locate several dozen assets for the website that seemed to be MIA. Back and forth this dialogue went – as it progressed I grew continually more frustrated that a) no one seemed to have a clue where the assets were, and b) one person indicated that indeed the assets were exactly where they should be and perhaps I was looking them up wrong.

M’kay, so here’s the thing: I don’t take criticism well. I take it even less well if I know for-fact that I’m right (and believe me, with this crowd I check and double check myself because I don’t want to be caught in a giant mistake). Nitpicky as I was feeling, I backed myself up and showed ’em I was right (nanny nanny boo boo?) and got confirmation that yes I was right.

Three painful painful hours later, there was an answer. But oh my goodness – what a time suck.

In the midst of that, I ventured downstairs for a mug of ice cold water (I’m back to my realization that I don’t drink enough water) and something to munch on back in the office. As soon as I neared the bottom of the stairs, I could see the destruction zone that was formerly my living room. Sofa cushions all over the floor, blankets everywhere, makeshift forts on anything that didn’t move. Sigh. If the sight of it wasn’t enough, Pumpkin was crying and having a meltdown and The Princess was getting attitude with Pumpkin, while watching MORE television, even though I had previously told her NO MORE TV TODAY! MH? She looked like she just wanted to jump out of a window (get in line, sister).

Quick hugs to the kids. Another reminder to The Princess to “turn the television off… NOW!” and back to the quiet of my office where I had to continue to grapple with the assets problem. Sigh.

I hit a lull in one project and emailed my West Coaster to get an ETA on the other projects. “They’re coming!” he emailed back. When did they arrive? Ten minutes before MH headed home for the day. So much for maximizing my dedicated work day.

I then hustled to make a dinner that both girls refused to eat. Hubby loved it – a relief since there is a lot leftover – fantastic that he loved it, but I know I’ll never make it again. How much does it suck to make a meal no one wants to eat?

Tucked the kids in and got hit with several questions after bedtime: I have to go bathroom. Mom, can I get an allowance? Where is my backpack? Do you know where Oinklet is?

I am so over today.

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