I Got My Hair Did

(Seriously. I hate that phrase. I’m not sure why everyone says they got their hair “did”, but it completely goes against my every grammatical grain. It just looks funny).

After some debate, I did schedule an appointment for my sister to cut my hair. This would be her first time near my head since the Hair Massacre of 2006. Yes, I’ve allowed her to dye and highlight my hair in the mean time, but scissors? Um, no.

I went last night and had three inches chopped off the ends and right now, still enjoying my post-cut blowout, it’s still pretty damn cute. Once I wash it and it dries curly? We’ll see. It’s short, and I have a little sprouty ponytail going on right now (I got the cut to AVOID the ponytail – what the hell am I doing?!?), but then again, it’s 588 degrees out and I’m folding laundry, so I had to get it out of my way.

I worried for nothing.

I’m adorable.

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  1. I’m sure you are adorable. I had to tell you though that my BFF who lives in San Diego knows of this salon down there (SD) that is called…. and i’m not joking…

    “Ooooh Girl, Who did your hair!”

    I’m sure they say ‘hair did’ too.

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