Another Pig Tale

Since so many of my posts talk about recent Coscto trips, I preface this story by saying: I really really don’t go to Costco that often. There are certain things we need to buy in bulk: toilet paper, chocolate milk, Tootsie Pops (Um, those would be for me… and… I don’t share well). Once, maybe twice a month we venture out for Costco – but we almost never leave with more than four things. I’m pretty good about that (Note: the only thing I usually cave on is flowers – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m working on teaching my daughters if they want flowers to buy them, that you don’t have to wait for some guy to buy you flowers).

Our past several outings to Costco however we’ve walked past a table of Carter blanket sleeper pajamas. You know – the soft fuzzy kind with the skidproof feet? The sign says “12 months – 4T” and one of the designs on the pj’s was this cute little pig design.

Enter my pig loving Pumpkin. For some reason, and I’m not entirely sure, the kid is fascinated by pigs. She has too many stuffed pigs (Izzie, Piglet, Strawberry, Oinklet, Wilbur, and… I’m forgetting a pig, but you get my drift). She likes to talk about what pigs eat. We were at story time last week and loudly she asked, “Do pigs eat rotten apples?” She paused, “Yeah, they eat rotten apples.”

Pig love in mind, you can imagine how she was drawn to this table with the pig pajamas. Except… they have never had a 4T (she fits a 3T, but who knows what she’ll be by the time the snow flies – so I wanted to buy a size up). Four times we’ve gone, four times, no 4T.

Yesterday, we hit the jackpot. Pig pajamas. 4T. I picked them up from the table and Pumpkin held them proudly through the store. We paid for them and returned home. Despite the fact that it was 80 some degrees yesterday and hotter than hell in our house, she insisted on wearing them to bed. I even turned the air conditioning on so she wouldn’t sweat in her sleep. This morning, she refused to take them off. Hubby took the girls on an errand – “Can I wear my pig pajamas?” she asked before she would agree to go. He told her yes, so she relented and joined him.

It was nearly NOON before I got those suckers off her, and only because I threatened her by saying she wouldn’t be able to wear them to sleep tonight if she wore them all day. She has never gotten this googly-eyed over any piece of clothing before. I wouldn’t have expected this, ever.

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  1. picture please! I want to see what those special pajamas look like. Madeleine also happens to have a thing for pig pajamas. My mom bought her a pair that are flannel and fleece and she wears the fleece top as a sweatshirt and would love to wear the bottoms often.

  2. Hey we go the same PJs at costco I gave her a choice and she picked pigs…

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