Thursday Ten, Dermatologic Nightmare Edition

1. A few weeks ago, I bought a new foundation. I usually use Clinique – this time I bought some Almay Smart Shade at Target. Within days, I had a funny bunch of bumps on my face. I figured I was allergic to the foundation (which was a bummer – even though it was cheap, it was light and yet had great coverage) and promptly stopped using it. Three plus weeks later, I still had the bumps, so I went to visit the dermatologist today thinking, “Oh my hell, I have got some strange colony of pimples!” (Because that’s what it looked like – little itty bitty pimples – ugh!). But, no. It’s not. He said it was caused by the heat and is some sort of folliculitis (and no, I’m not googling it – and if you google it don’t tell me because it will be some gross disgusting thing that will make me want to be sick) and prescribed something I have to take for a few days and it will clear it all up. Thank god.

2. You know when’s a fun day to sit next to your high school boyfriend’s wife at your kids’ story time? Yeah, the day you go to the dermatologist for the rashy bumpy colony. Ugh. The bright side is that her dress was tremendously unflattering.

3. Pumpkin will be 3 on Sunday. I have to make a cake that looks like a pig.

4. Song I’m liking: “Mercy” by Duffy.

5. My husband has hit his midlife crisis earlier than I think he should be allowed. He wants a motorcycle. I’m not sure why every man wants a motorcycle, but regardless: his life insurance is in order and he’s signed the organ donor release on his driver’s license.

6. Twitter is having tremendous issues today. Their status blog says they are working on fixing it – reattaching the contacts to our profiles (since my following and followers are drastically zapped). If you were following me on Twitter and lost me, go ahead and follow me again. My link is over there on the right. —>

7. Hubby agreed to let the The Princess have a sleepover with two of her friends on Saturday night. I plan on running away from home. I am not looking forward to having three screeching girls (four, if you include Pumpkin who can screech with the best of them) avoiding going to sleep. The bright side: we’re making ice cream sundaes for dessert. I figure that oughta perk me up. I’ll just hide in the office eating whipped cream straight from the can with my iPod on.

8. Did I mention it’s Project Runway season again? Last night’s “auf’d” designer was one I figured would be around a bit longer – but his dress was some serious ugly.

9. As we were leaving “The Dark Knight” last weekend, Hubby said to me (no joke): “Which one was Heath Ledger?” I need to take a picture of the rock my husband lives under to post it for y’all. I couldn’t believe it – seriously, and I’ve been dying to tell someone all week!

10. Most importantly – my grandmother is home and doing well. It turned out not to be a stroke and all of her tests came back clear, including the CT of her head. Whew. Definitely a relief. We’re very grateful.

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  1. FarmWife says

    A few things:
    #1. Glad your grandmother is doing so well!
    #2. Even my husband knows who Heath Ledger is. That must be some rock yours is living under! 😉
    #3. Hannah Montana Best of both worlds 3D concert is on Disney Saturday night. Free 3D glasses @ Wal-Mart. I say pop the screaming girls in front of the tube & let them rock out to ear worms all night. Then no one will miss you if you sneak off.

  2. Mrs. Fire Family Williams says

    Your post left me laughing! I can relate to so much of it right now! Just what I needed before cleaning my house for weekend-company. Yes, I know cleaning while raising children is like stapling Jello to a tree.I like the part about snapping a picture of the rock that your husband lives under. Have a good weekend.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, both of you… And “Stapling jello to a tree” – for sure!

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