Rothbury Rothbury Rothbury

Hey look- it’s Dave.

The DMB set was as I thought it would be – they are amazing musicians and I’d be remiss to say otherwise. I’m not a diehard DMB song – and unlike the fratty boys surrounding us, I didn’t know every word to every song (except when they covered Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” and then all the youngun’s had to hush up because they didn’t know it!). I hoped that they would sing “Recently” or “Say Goodbye” (my favorite DMB song, though it’s not a hit by far – but it’s their best tune, in my opinion which doesn’t matter). Dave Matthews was a big sweaty mess when he was done. It was a good show. We cleared out of there at about 11:45 and had to walk to the car in the dark. It was so dark, and Hubby and I both had to pee so bad (we had been standing in the same spot for five or six hours and then some at that point), but there was NO WAY either one of us were braving the portapotty at the end of a long day IN THE DARK. Not to mention, people were getting progressively more altered – so many people stumbled out of DMB’s show, too drunk or high to stand anymore.
Sunday we returned and decided to watch yoga rather than participate. We had a decidedly more mellow day – catching Ingrid Michaelson’s set first. I adore her and though she wasn’t the best fit for the event, she seemed really genuine and not at all jaded by the event and performing like so many other artists seemed to be (Dave Matthews? He could have been in Des Moines for all it mattered – it was just one more show). Then we just hung around catching bits and pieces of acts until Colbie Caillat came on at 5. She preceeded John Mayer and we were employing our “watch and scoot” strategy again.
Let me say this – she seems very sweet, I like her songs well enough… I am not sure why in the hell she was at Rothbury. I did feel bad because the douchey college-aged guys near us were mocking her. Yeah, I know they were there for John Mayer, and that she wasn’t their cup of tea – but, seriously. Chill out boys. One of those guys had previously shaved his chest and it was growing back. I had fun making rude comments to Hubby abou
t the dude’s lapsed manscaping. I really hated how they were trying to impress each other by acting like jerks. Boys. Ugh.

John Mayer’s set was the biggest surprise to me because I’m not really a huge Mayer fan. He has some songs I like, but for the most part – I can take him or leave him. His set was amazing – he was amusing and he really was amazing on the guitar. Pure insanity. I’ve downloaded several of his songs today and he may have a new fan (by the way, he’s far bluesier live. I liked that).

He ended his set 30 minutes early and Hubby and I hit the car and came back home. Aside from the music, it was an amazing experience. Their “green” efforts resulted in 70%+ of the waste generated (and I’m talking trash, not… human) was diverted to recycling or compost – How awesome is that? Makes the tree hugger in me VERY happy. Getting to write about it was amazing. Experiencing it was amazing, and I plan to be back next year… fo sho.
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  1. Sounds wicked awesome. *envy*envy*envy*

    Now, if only Bon Jovi had been playing…

  2. FarmWife says

    I am chartruse with envy. I haven’t been to a concert since Alanis’s Jagged Little Pill tour….long, long, long ago.

    But then I’m not sure I’d have the patience for three days of drunk frat boys & loud bands…much less Snoop Dogg.

    I’m glad you had a blast!

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