This medication for my little colonial thing I’ve got going on? Must be taken on an empty stomach. Cannot be taken with my medicine for my hypothyroid which must also be taken on an empty stomach. Must be taken at the same time daily. What a pain in the butt.

My thryoid pill I take first thing in the morning. I don’t know that I can go two and a half hours in the day without eating (seriously, I graze. You’d think I wouldn’t be able to fit through doorways, but I’m really – despite my grumbling about the size of my thighs – not that huge). So, after dinner it is. I eat, wait two hours, take my pill (with Coke. Regular Coke. For some reason, it needs the acidity and I’d rather drink Coke than grapefruit juice), then in about 30 minutes, I can eat again if I wish (and I soooooooo wish).

Tonight, I went to a surprise party for a girlfriend and it was held at a local Italian joint. Timing wise, I figured I better eat dinner first so that I could get home after two hours of not eating and take the medicine. Yeah. That was two hours of sniffing scrumptious Italian food that I couldn’t have, and watching people drink yummy grownup drinks that I couldn’t have (and seriously, on an empty stomach? Not a smart move for me anyway). Sigh. I survived, but it wasn’t pretty. I left as they cut the cake so I didn’t have to explain one more time why I wasn’t eating anything. When you’re average to smallish, when you aren’t eating, people seem to want to sit on you and force feed you. It happens less now that I am average rather than small, but still – several people gave me the tilted head look then, “Aren’t you eating anything?” Would it have been rude to tell them I was trying to get an eating disorder so I’d have to pass on the pizza, thanks for asking?

Ah well. I’ll make it up in spades tomorrow with the ice cream sundaes (and Hubby did pick up the 3D glasses for the Hannah movie – THANKS FARMWIFE!) and Sunday with the cake and ice cream for Pumpkin’s birthday. Annnnnnnd, we’re in the Coldstone Creamery birthday club so I’ll have to take Pumpkin for her free ice cream, also but I should be able to resist that temptation.

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