Thursday Ten, The RedWings Won The Stanley Cup Edition

1. Hey! The RedWings won the Stanley Cup! This is a huge huge deal to me because of all the sports on the planet, hockey is the one I truly love, and the RedWings are my favorite team. Glad to see the Cup returning to Hockeytown.

2. Game 5 on Monday night went into triple overtime which means the game ended somewhere around 1 a.m. Now, I love hockey, but that definitely crossed a line into maybe TOO MUCH hockey for one night. Once my eyes were crossing from exhaustion, it got a little hard to see the puck.

3. I went ice skating today. Hubby and I took the kids on Monday and I had such fun I decided to go on my own today. Forty minutes on the ice netted me a pretty decent workout – even in the cold air of the rink, I was sweating! I’m definitely trying to change things up with my workout to help combat some of this thyroid hooey.

4. The humidity today? Killer. I hate humidity. I’m one of those people who hates summer. I hate it a lot. Fall? Fabulous. Spring? Great. Summer? Bite me.

5. My doctor upped the dosage of my thyroid meds because after five weeks, nothing was really happening. Here’s hoping there is an improvement now. I’m a bit tired of being cranky, tired, achy, cold and pudgy.

6. I had a dream last night, and in the dream, someone was singing a song to me. I knew the song and was surprised that the person knew the song. And now? I can’t remember the song!! I wish I could. I am pretty sure it was a real song.

7. The Princess’s last day of school is tomorrow. Pumpkin’s last day of daycare was today. From now until September 2, life is going to be pretty nutty around here. And not in a good way. I’ve hired a mother’s helper to come watch the kids in my house while I work one day a week, and the rest of the days I guess I’m just going to have to juggle. Please know that I will lose my mind. That seems to be pretty clear already.

8. Is it tacky to make a ticker for when my kids go back to school before school is even really OUT?

9. Urban Dictionary’s word of the day today is “premature joculation” – the act of celebrating an event before it has been resolved. Sometimes followed by a quick retraction when things turn out differently. An example? All the RedWings fan who were ready to do a happy dance with 35 seconds left of the game Monday night. At 34.something seconds, Pittsburgh tied it up. End of celebration.

10. Life without ice cream is no fun. I’m really trying to watch myself so I can fit back into my regular clothes. I’m actually doing fairly well and am not missing junk too much – but my kids are talking about dessert and they are wanting the Mint Karaoke Cookie ice cream sitting in our freezer, and I’m trying really hard to not think about it.

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