Thursday Ten, Jack Johnson on My BRAIN Edition

10. All pictures courtesy of me and my sis. Her camera rocks, and mine is mediocre but we got some decent shots. I inserted them “small” into my post – but you can click on any of them to make them bigger.

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  1. FarmWife says

    I’m chartruse with envy.

  2. I can’t believe you had never heard Bubble Toes before. They play that on the radio here daily. Have since it was released. Glad you had a good time. He’s no Jon Bon Jovi, but he IS easy on the eyes and ears!

  3. Michigan is less cool than CA, I think. I almost never hear his stuff on the radio (except “flake”). *pout* It was a great show!

  4. I am incredibly jealous. I’ve been wanting to see Jack for stinking ever! I remember him from way back when he would do songs with G Love.

    One day…

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