Thursday Ten – Better Late than Friday Edition

1. Ten p.m., watching “Hopkins” on ABC and eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. This day has been insane – The Princess had a swim lesson, then home where the Mother’s Helper was homewith Pumpkin. Then, on to try to have my day of productivity while my kids were being cared for by the wonderful girl who my kids are really loving a lot.

2. In addition to pounding out some work this afternoon, my best friend and I painted 75% of the playroom. I wanted three white walls and a purple accent wall. I’ll get the purple done over the weekend. I figure I’ll take the girls on a run to Home Depot tomorrow to pick the paint (the plan is to pick two from a paint chip, the lightest and the one a smidge darker and the wall will be half-n-half).

3. It was well into the 80s and oh-so-humid today. This kind of weather makes my hair fuzz up. I love ponytails.

4. Oh! Speaking of hair, I got about 2 inches cut off the ends the other day and highlights. I like the cut a lot and I’m getting used to the highlights which were done in a pretty subtle way but I’m still a bit iffy on the color.

5. Pumpkin is picking back up with the potty training. As Emily advised a LONG time ago, I told her, “No PullUps during the day.” I put her in a pull up or diaper for nap time and bedtime but beyond that, she’s in the big girl undies. Two days straight of keeping them dry. Yay!

6. As a reward for staying dry, the girls and I made ice cream cone cupcakes yesterday – making both the cupcake batter and frosting from scratch. The frosting was so good – I don’t really like cupcakes so much, but I made up for that by binging on pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate frosting.

7. I hate mosquitos.

8. I’m still crappy about updating my blog, but if you Twitter at all, click my link at the right and follow me. I’m not always interesting, but I do update more frequently. Plus, I think it’s fun to share how truly useless I am.

9. My most recent download was an oldie, “Drive” by Incubus.

10. I am on a mission to learn to like running (okay, to learn to tolerate it). This week, it’s walk four minutes, run three. Next week it’s walk three, run four. And so on til I’m running and not walking at all. I don’t know if I’ll ever love it, but I know that as far as workout goes, it blows walking away as far as a cardio workout, and with my thyroid still being cranky, I’ll take the extra kick of running.

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