Thursday Ten, Mad Mama Edition

1. My mom called and emailed me an hour ago. Seems that there was a gas leak at The Princess’s school. Did the school call the parents? No. My mom only found out because she happens to be subscribed to the local news channels alerts. Obviously, I’ll have to do the same, because otherwise, I’d have never known to go get my kid. She’s finally winding down – they were in such a rush to evacuate the kids (they were relocated to the local high school) that they weren’t able to bring anything with them – no backpacks, no nothing.

2. As I pulled into the parking lot, I was behind my Stepson’s mom (who has that lovely “I’m not with stupid anymore” bumper sticker). I ended up getting a better parking spot (hee hee) and getting in before her. Stepson said hey to me and gave The Princess a big hug – but I managed to avoid eye contact with The Ex. I coulda gone without having that awkward bit today.

3. In an attempt to counteract my cranky thyroid issues, I’ve started (gasp) adding running to my workout routine. Granted, I’m not a runner. So, I walk 1/4 of a mile, then run/jog a quarter of a mile. Hubby says I can’t really call it running since I’m not going very fast, but to me, it’s running, and I’m doing quite well thank you very much.

4. David Cook, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways I hope the American Idol machine doesn’t make you put out some crappy, sucky album.

5. Like most of the rest of the planet, I was watching the AI finale last night (except for the people who don’t give a rat’s ass – of which there were many on Twitter last night!). And they started singing the George Michael songs. And I started remembering how much I liked George Michael songs. This morning, I downloaded a few (not the new ones) – “Faith”, “Father Figure” and “One More Try”. Aw yeah, laugh it up.

6. Other song of the week: “Supersonic” by JJ Fadd. That song is just straight up 6th grade for me.

7. I am counting down to the “Sex and the City” movie. Next Friday, baby!

8. Potty training is going very well lately.

9. Two day old microwave popcorn? Ewww.

10. Let me just put this out there publicly – I found a gray hair this week. The first. I hope it has no friends. I am not the type who wants to age gracefully. I will be dyeing this. I will NOT be going gray. No way, not me, not now.

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