Thursday Ten, It’s All About Pee

1. Pumpkin has gone on the potty SEVEN times today – three times at daycare, four at home. That’s a whole lotta pee, folks. I don’t even care that I am going through marshmallows left and right, or that I already am in debt to her for a treat (currently, for every five times she goes, she gets a treat, as she starts going more consistently on the potty, we’ll stretch it out to every ten times). [Oooh, she just called me to take her to the bathroom… That’s EIGHT times today]

2. Two weeks on this thyroid medication and no change yet. [Insert expletives here].

3. Hubby has started his summer hours at work – this means he only works one Friday a month. Does that mean I get more help around the house? Nope. Tomorrow is his first Friday off. He “has” to play in a golf tournament for work. [Insert expletives here]. Apparently, he found out that he “had” to play golf in this tournament today, less than 24 hours notice – AFTER I scheduled a meeting with a vendor for work. This means that daycare had to be procured for Pumpkin (thank goodness The Princess has school). Of course, his golf will be done in time for HIS meeting. Same as last year – this Friday schedule is a waste for me. I might as well pretend he’s at work.

4. Song(s) of the week… Oh, so many. The kids gave me an iTunes gift card as part of my Mother’s Day gift, which means I’ve been randomly downloading stuff here and there… including “Same Mistake” by James Blunt, “Come On Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson, and the entire “Twenty-Three” album by Tristan Prettyman.

5. I’m in a bit of a cranky mood this week. I know it, I hate it.

6. I’m sitting next to the paper shredder. I realize that rather than actually shred the stuff that needs to be shredded, Hubby is just throwing it all on the floor next to the shredder. Either it’s a man thing, or it’s a lazy thing (or both) but it’s ridiculous.

7. I’m in the process of planning The Princess’s sixth birthday party. The theme? Why, Hannah Montana, of course!

8. I have to bake cupcakes for her class – there’s a kid allergic to marshmallows and anything with gelatin in it. Does anyone know offhand – am I safe with regular cupcakes and frosting. Have you ever heard of a GELATIN allergy?

9. I bought some Kashi cheese crackers today. They are not as good as a Cheez-It, but they don’t have the artificial crap in it so I don’t feel as bad about giving them to my kids.

10. I want a really big bagel with a hot cup of coffee. Maybe a Panera stop for breakfast pre-meeting is in order tomorrow. That sounds yummy.

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  1. Some thoughts…
    1. Good for you for setting up a doable behavior plan for pumpkin! Good for you to recognize that you have to ‘fade’ it and keep her going! Good for P for going pee 🙂

    2. be patient. Although I never really saw weight results either.

    3. If you need a babysitter I’m sure my mom would be HAPPY to do it. She is very hands on and LOVES kids- of course then she will tell you all the reasons why P should be completely potty trained and speaking in full paragraphs.

    8. Um, I think that is a vegetarian thing. I have never heard of a gelatin allergy but I know that vegetarians don’t eat gelatin. hmmm. there shouldn’t be any in cakes or frosting, just marshmallows and jello.

    Oh, by the way. My mother’s day present was a pedi. the color on my toes you ask…. Yoga to get this blue :)!!

  2. Ah, a vegetarian thing. Well, that makes sense and it’s totally cool – it’s just I was prepared for “no nuts” or “no chocolate” not… “no gelatin”.

    BTW, The Princess is at your mom’s house right now 😉

    And Yoga-ta get this blue. LOVE it. I need to file my nails and put that back on my fingers. It makes me feel funky and young 🙂

  3. i have that on my toes! i love it so much.

    we’re doing a gymnastics birthday with a rainbow theme for our 7th b-day. fyi. i’m suprised it’s not hannah.

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