Thursday Ten, I’m Drowning Edition

1. In an efforts to curb my appetite and maybe lose a few of these excess thryoid-related pounds that I hate so very much, I’ve been drinking more water. Like a LOT more water. Consequently, I spend the whole day having to pee. I’m not super productive lately.

2. Spent the morning at The Princess’s school for “Special Person’s Day”. She was so quiet and laid back – she must save all the energy and attitude for home.

3. Some mosquitos decided to have a dinner made out of The Princess the other day while she was at a friend’s house running through the sprinkler. Anything not covered by a bathing suit was bitten repeatedly by mosquitos. Poor kid is a big, swollen, itchy red mess. She’s so uncomfortable.

4. I am newly and very addicted to Scrabulous. That seems to be my favorite part of Facebook so far.

5. I have to go pee.

6. Song of the week… “Madly” by Tristan Prettyman.

7. American Idol. Why does this season bug me so badly? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still watching… but… I guess it’s because my favorite is David Cook and I don’t want him to win because I think it would cause me physical pain to hear him sing some schmaltzy “I believe in me” sort of song. It’s not his style and it could well be cringe-worthy.

8. I have been dealing with work stuff and having to clean up other people’s messes. I hate that. I hate being the bad guy to tell people they’re doing stuff wrong. I’ve done it a lot this week. I’m so mean.

9. Watching the old episodes of “Sex In the City” with Aidan (John Corbett) on DVD lately. I love John Corbett. He’s like a big tall teddy bear. Too bad he decided to go make music I don’t like.

10. The other day, Pumpkin walked in on me while I was in the bathroom going pee (yes, I’m talking about pee a lot today – deal with it). I said, “Why did you open the door?” She said to me, “Because I couldn’t see you with it shutted.” I love my kid. She’s a goof, but she’s my goof.

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  1. I love Scrabulous. Play with me!

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