Thursday Ten, DJ Quik is in the Mother F*cking House Edition

(Sorry y’all – that’s what is playing on my iTunes right now, and I’m lacking creativity)

1. I cannot believe how many people I have talked to in the past few days who have cranky thyroids too. I wonder why it’s so common? My mom asked why on earth I have hypothyroidism, and I really have no clue. I don’t care why, actually – just fix it so my butt is its normal size again, please.

2. Hey, it’s almost Mother’s Day. Since Valentines Day got totally blown off, do you guys think I’ll get anything? I guess it’s good that The Princess is in school – she’ll probably make me something – I like those gifts. Actually, Pumpkin might make me something too. I love those gifts – fun! Guess Hubby is off the hook for gifts?

3. Chicago was great! I love big cities. I hate small towns. I am a big city girl trapped in Green Acres.

4. (Peanut butter + celery) – raisins = YUMMY

5. Pumpkin is doing really well with potty training when she’s at daycare. She has been staying dry all day and going on the potty… there. At home? Not so much. What the hell? I asked and she said they have a better potty. Must go investigate and see what makes it better.

6. The movie “27 Dresses”? Complete and total fluff… but cute.

7. Apparently Stepson is gonna need braces soon and we’re expected to contribute to the monetary aspect of the whole braces ordeal. Makes me want to vomit when I think about it. That won’t be cheap.

8. Songs of the week (not new ones but ones I’ve stumbled over) – “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park and “Love Hurts” by Incubus.

9. Where is it written that I am supposed to cook every meal this family consumes? I would really love to go out and about and come home and have dinner on the table. Maybe once a month? That’s fair, right?

10. Holy cow – it’s MAY!

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  1. Inkling says

    That dinner thing is soooo true. I think you should have your hubby cook on the weekends he’s not in tax season. Well, unless he’s a terrible cook.

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