I woke up this morning thinking that today would be an alright day. The sun was shining, the Red Wings won last night, and I had nothing really pressing on my agenda that might throw my day into a hellish spiral of muck.

So I thought.

The girls and I tinkered around the house for a bit, then went to the store to pick up a few necessities so that we would have all the ingredients for lunch and dinner. When we arrived home, there was a message for The Princess on the machine from one of her buddies inviting her over. Awesome. It was 11:30 and her friends hadn’t eaten lunch but for some reason, The Princess was hell-bent on eating lunch first. This was bad because while I knew that she could eat her lunch in a pretty timely manner, Pumpkin could not, which meant that I had to hold off on Pumpkin’s lunch until The Princess ate and was dropped off. I was feeling iffy about that.

To hold Pumpkin over, I gave her a carton of blueberry yogurt. In true two-year-old fashion, somehow, the carton ended up bouncing off my chair and onto the carpet. Niiiiiice. In the midst of making chicken noodle soup (from a can, mind you) and trying to keep Pumpkin calm, I was trying to blot out the dark blue damage to my light blue carpet (Spray and Wash – my hero).

It all worked out, despite my craziness, because at that point, my mood was somewhere between Godzilla and Cranky-Godzilla. It was just all the little stuff (and my hormonal crabbiness) making it all into a mountain to me. We got buckled into the car where I told the girls, “Mom is just having a cranky day. Mom is sorry for being Miss Cranky Pants.” Pumpkin thought that was hilarious and so all was well.

We dropped off the big kid, and I came home and got the little one fed and off to her nap. I was able to get some work done and refresh a bit this afternoon. The afternoon went so much better than the morning did. Thank goodness.

Hubby got home and took the girls for a long walk (did it tire them out? No!) while I went for my long walk, and now everyone seems to be happy.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day!

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