Pee and Pinkeye

Good news:
Pumpkin is definitely mastering this Potty thing. I only had to change two diapers today. One when she was with Hubby at Stepson’s baseball game (sidenote: Hubby was there, our daughters were there – was Stepson there? Nope) – I guess she forgot to tell him she had to go pee. The second was this morning when she had to make a stink – she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of pooping in the potty yet… But I’m not forcing it – in due time she’ll get it. In the past few days, she’s definitely made leaps and bounds in the potty-training, so I’m not sweating it. She’ll get it.

Bad news:
Pumpkin has pinkeye. This means that even though I’m paying for her to go to daycare this week, she probably won’t go unless her eyes can stop oozing pus before Thursday. This means that my day of planned work for tomorrow is essentially a no-go (except Hubby’s angling to get home at noon to relieve me so I can get some stuff done).

That’s where I’ve been this week. Spending a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom with Pumpkin waiting to hear the telltale drops of pee hitting the water. Spending the remainder of my time holding her down to put drops in her eyes. Oh! And watching hockey. Like right now – and the RedWings are up 4 – 0 over Dallas. Whoooooo.

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